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Open The Eyes Of Your Heart, Friend

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And oldie but one worth sharing again. This is for all my disabled and chronically ill friends who have expressed these feeling to me and others.

video by All Around

When I first saw this video, it touched my heart in a way that is hard to explain and I hope I can do it justice. The obvious meaning of this video has to do with faith and the Lord but it also had another meaning to me. It had to do with how we view people and how the eyes of our heart need opening.

Chronically ill people and disabled people often live in a small world because leaving home is very hard and sometimes impossible and so like this young autistic boy, we live in a sort of closed in world. This song was especially poignant because the young boy is autistic and he is blind. And both are things that people who are chronically ill deal with daily….we live in a small world and are disabled and people are often blind to us and place expectations on us that we just can not fill all the time.

I can tell you that many people like me who are home bound, chronically ill, disabled, etc feel overlooked and ignored and feel like people do not want to take the time to hear us, to look inside us and really see us…not what our limitations are and not our battles but the person we are inside and accepting that the battles come with the journey with us.

“Open the eyes of my heart, Lord
Open the eyes of my heart
I want to see You”

could easily be changed to

“Open the eyes of your heart, friend
Open the eyes of your heart
I want you to see me”

We want to be seen and recognized and loved just like everyone else. We want our world to be as filled with excitement and journeys as everyone else and yet we know it never will be in the normal sense. Our world is changed in a joyous way by those that take the time to accept us and love us and see us “the person” and not what they want us to be but see US with our daily battles and the pain we suffer with that makes us more sensitive than many, makes us get tired quicker than many and makes us live in a world you are not used to.

Health issues are a constant, minute by minute issue for most of us. It IS our life and while we can pretend for a while that we are fine so that you will not be burdened with hearing it. But, doing that is also making us be something we are not and pushing us to live a lie. No, we do not want everything we say to be about our health. At least I do not. We do want what we say to be acknowledged especially if we take the time to tell you when something is going on. IF we are suffering with treatments, procedures, infusions, etc and we trust you enough to tell you and you ignore us, then our hearts cry ” Open the eyes of your heart, friend; I want you to see me”.

I have had people tell me it is just to painful to hear and my reply (to myself) is…and how painful do you think it is for me and how painful do you think it is when people you consider close friends will not travel with you on this painful journey? Some people have said “Well, I am just busy living my life.”  and I think “But I thought I was part of your life. That is what you told me.”  We do not want people’s attention 24/7. We just want a little and want to feel like we matter.

Sometimes things are just sad and sometimes they are not. It is part of life and we have to ride both roads. We can not have it all happy for if we do, we are missing an important part of life…the part that teaches us what the real beauty of life is for it is the trials that make the good times shine. And it is real friends that will be there with you through the bad times. It is real friends that open the eyes of their heart and see us.


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