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This video is me and will be me over and over until I die. There are times I may need people to lift me up and walk with me because I have “torn” and can not go alone but when it comes to finishing each race,  for we will have more than one….. I will walk it just me and God at the end.

video by Connie Lynne

As long as you do not give up, you will not fail. You may not reach where you would love to be but you will reach farther than you think you can reach. I will always try to move forward even if I have to crawl.

Life is full of choices and we get to choose. And not choosing is a choice. I will always choose to move forward and choose to find happiness in my life. Does this mean I never cry or never have down times? No, it simply means that I choose to deal with whatever comes my way and pick myself up and start over again. I can not tell you the times I have worked on walking again even just a few steps. I could have given up but I have loved ones who lifted me up and walked with me until I could take a few steps on my own. And yes, I fell again and am now working on that all over again.

Sometimes we create a goal that is impossible and so any other goal will not do. The runner in this video wanted to win so badly but once he tore his muscle, all he wanted was to finish the race. And you will see that when he gets hurt, his daddy comes to him to help him make that walk. But the one thing that brings tears to my eyes is that at the end so that his son could make that step over the finish line by himself, his daddy let go of him and let his son go on alone. He made his son stronger by doing that because then the son knew he could make it on his own.

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  1. Without trying, we don’t know how strong we are and what resources are deep within.
    Never alone
    Hugs and hope

    Comment by philosophermouseofthehedge | August 21, 2015 | Reply

    • so true. We never know how strong we are until we have to be strong. Hugs

      Comment by danLrene ©2011 | August 21, 2015 | Reply

  2. I realize you aren’t feeling well but if you would like a call, let me know.




    Comment by Abigail Lang | August 21, 2015 | Reply

    • have been thinking about you lately. would love it. 🙂

      Comment by danLrene ©2011 | August 21, 2015 | Reply

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