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Ride The River

The river of  life is not always kind and dear

Sometimes terrifying rides of rapids full of fear

Or eerie times the boat gently drifts going nowhere

Overwhelming the riders with absence of care

The silence can lay heavy like a very dense mist

Riding through dense fog with tight clenched fist

Other times of gentle moments with sun on face

Dredging up memories the mind tries to trace

Touches of hands as they silently drift away

Unable to endure the pain they see each day

Fairness was never the main part of the game

It rains on all at times; no one holds the blame

No matter the type of terrain or flow of the creek

Life is always more than all darkness and bleak

Enjoy the peaceful, beautiful, meandering ride

Then on rough times hold on tight to the side.

Ravenously devour every drop of the water of life

The flow of the river will float away all the strife

Listen to the songs that the siren always sings

She is urging you to arise and sprout your wings

Life is full of up hill, up hill, suddenly down I fall

One minute I am walking, the next I must crawl

So crawl if you must, keep moving the river along

The orchestra is playing and it is part of the song

danLrene  2015

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