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Do You Remember Where You Were?

my logoMy mind has wandered all day thinking about what 9/11 means to me. I remember the exact moment I heard. I can still feel the sinking in my heart and how hard it was to move from the overwhelming fear. I still have the images I saw on the television in my heart and mind and can still see the people running as the smoke from the falling tower starts expanding down the street. The fear on their faces and the shock and horror will always be in the back of my head.

More importantly, I remember what happened after 9/11.  I remember a country coming together in a way I had not seen in my lifetime. It was a time where race, sexual orientation, politics, flags, religion, etc were not points to argue because we had something more important on our plate and that was our country.

I saw people of all races come together helping each other. I saw volunteers pour into the city to offer their help from medical and mental health workers to firemen to policemen to volunteers to church people to people with trained dogs to people bringing in supplies. I watched Rudy Giuliani take control in the city in a way that was so reassuring and comforting that people were able to organize better and carry on with the horrific task of finding those still alive and finding those who had died when the towers came down.

Seems like lately our country has been full if turmoil, anger, hatred, disrespect and division from the people on to the politicians and leaders. And my heart has cried for a long time wondering what happened to our pride in our country and our ability to come together no matter the crisis.

I sit here now knowing that it is now officially 9/11 and I pray nothing happens to tear our country apart again. I can hear the fear and the deep sorrow that is in many people’s hearts who went through 9/11. It is an event that will forever be etched in our brains and on our hearts. The young people today have no idea what it was like and so have no understanding of how important this date is.

During the weeks and months after 9/11, it did not matter what race you were, what religion you were, what sexual orientation you were, what flag you had or anything else. All that mattered was we had come together to help each other make it through this time. I pray we never forget this date. I know that each time we have a horrific event whether it be 9/11, war, etc…that the young ones will not hold the same respect for nor understand what happened that day.

As I sit here, I remember all the American flags that were flying across our country. It was like our soldiers during war who raised our flag after being bombed on or attacked to let the enemy know we were still standing. I do not think you could drive a mile without seeing an American flag flying on someone’s house, buildings in town and even flying from the windows of the vehicles. We were proud of our country and wanted the world to know it.

Sometimes it takes shaking things up for people to realize what is most important and 9/11 did that for most of us. As I sit here with all the memories flooding through my head, I find tears in my eyes for all the hatred, arguing, fighting, attacking and killing across our country. We have lost our way and I pray that we soon find our way back to being just Americans….not white Americans or Black Americans or Native Americans or Asian Americans, etc.  Just back to being all the same, all Americans who love our country and want to help each other.

Do you remember where you were that day on 9/11?  Do you remember how you felt and do you remember the unity we had? I do.

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