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I am a big believer in dreams…..obviously, since the name of this blog began as “Work The Dream”.  I am 100 percent in favor of  dreams and in dreaming. In a time where you can lose your home, your car, your family, your spouse or loved ones, your friends, your job, your possessions…everything that is material in your life, dreams are essential. The things you can not lose are your ability to dream, to love, to laugh, to cry, to keep fighting, to encourage, to visualize.and these are all things that are not material.

Many give up on dreams, stop dreaming, become cynical about dreams but no one can take the ability to dream from us. It is within us just as happiness is within us. No one can take the ability to love and open our heart or the ability to laugh even when things are horrible. Those are all choices and we make choices daily and minute by minute from the time we open our eyes and start the day. And as is human nature, we will make good choices and bad choices but the key is to learn from the bad choices so we do not keep repeating them.

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In a country based on freedom, the real choices we have are the freedom to think what we want and the freedom to choose how we will react to life. And if we are coming up short and feeling like life is not giving us what we want, then maybe we need to work on our freedom to choose how we will “react” to what life gives us. No matter what life shells out, our happiness is within our hearts, not in the things, people, places around us and if we base our happiness on those things then we will always feel like we come up short. It is learning to be happy “in Spite of”  that is important and not “because of”.  Things will only bring fleeting joy. We must find the inner home of happiness inside our hearts.

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I have learned that two things are essential in life. One is being authentic which means being who you really are not who or what you think someone else wants you to be. Those that love you will love you no matter how you are and those that want to mold you into someone else are not real friends to begin with. And when you are authentic, you are honest not only with yourself but with others. Just remember not everyone wants to hear honesty no matter if said in a general way because it makes them face being accountable for their own actions. I have learned this writing my blog. Some will get angry because they do not want to hear what I write.

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And that brings me to the second thing essential in life which is being accountable for what you say and do and do not say or do. It is easy to blame others or things for our misfortune and not hold ourselves accountable for the situations we find ourselves in. Sometimes this accountability comes in the form of NOT reacting to things around us and sometimes it comes in the form of standing up for what is right. It is hard to stand up for what is right sometimes. I remember a group of people talking about someone that had just died that I knew.  They started making comments about this person and how they drank and how he was not going to heaven. I found myself getting upset to the point I finally said “Stop! We are not supposed to do this. You do not know anything about this man.” That was the hardest thing I ever did and yet my heart would not let me let this slide. We have to pick and choose what is worth standing up for too.

I remember when elementary kids would come up crying and saying that someone called their mother ugly. I asked them “Well, is your mother ugly?” and their answer was always “No.”  I said then why are you getting upset. You know the truth inside you,  So, it does not matter what others say. As adults, we know if we are hard-working or lazy, kind or cruel, sick or not sick….and I could go on with the list. We know when we are doing right or wrong. So, I wonder why do we let others decide for us.  When things are not right, we need to be accountable and work on them. We also need to make it our choice about how we react to what others say and do. The only one we can be accountable for is ourselves. We must choose, find the way and keep dreaming and if the dream is important enough we will find a way to make it happen.

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