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Some Of My Favorite Youtube Family Vloggers

my logoI have written before about family YouTube vloggers. There are some good ones out there that are family oriented and there are some that are not. I am very particular about which vloggers I watch and have a standard I go by.

First off, I want family oriented which means no trash, bad talk, encouragement of things we should not be doing. My list also includes those vloggers that talk to you and not at you.  I do not want vloggers that feel they must entertain you but rather just show what their daily life is like.

I love the ones with children and with new babies coming and watching them grow up. I hope you will take the time to check these out and maybe subscribe to them for they are really good vloggers. Some have been doing the vlogging for a few years, some are relatively new and some started with their first child. These are some of my favorite family vloggers. I find that I enjoy their vlogs more than I do television shows. These links are to one video on their page. Click on their name under the video and then “videos” and it will take you to all their videos. I hope you will go look and subscribe by clicking the subscribe button and leave them a comment.

  • Foolyliving    “We live naturally. We use cloth diapers. We don’t eat processed foods or GMO’s. We make our own laundry soap, and we stay away from chemicals as much as possible. We are gluten-free and sugar-free, and so is our baby! Andrea has an older son named Zebulin that just turned 18. He lives in Florida and is good-looking and intelligent. Andrea has binge eating disorder; controlled through help from her husband Hadar. He is a soldier in the IDF Air Force.We’re a young couple that met on World of Warcraft & got married April 13, 2010. We got pregnant on our wedding night. Andrea miscarried at 4 months gestation (Baby G). Baby Rafael was born Nov 14, 2012. We’re a very happy vlogging family.”
  • The Nive Nulls“We are a fun, outgoing, ballin outrageous interracial couple who love to hang out, do random stuff and meet all kinds of different people. Their daughter is Audriauna (Audri) and their son is Kailand (Kai)”


  •  Sacconejolys“Jonathan and Anna Saccone-Joly have two children, Emilia Saccone-Joly and Eduardo Saccone-Joly, they also have six maltese dogs, Albi, Sina, Theo, Bianca, Nivea and Nuvola.  Jonathan was born in Dublin, Ireland and Anna was born in Baltimore, United States.” 


  • Bonnie Hoellein….Bonnie and Joel are the parents of four beautiful children and live in Utah. Bonnie just had her fourth child. They share their lives with us and it is so nice to see the vloggers that have such good values and are so caring. Joel is a hard worker and he takes good care of his family and Bonnie is a stay at home mom who is busy caring for four children, one a newborn baby. What you see is very real with them and I love it. They just share what they are doing. Olivia, Cody, Boston and now Lincoln are adorable kids too.


  • Cullen and Katie — ” We started daily vlogging to keep in touch with family and friends and our channel has grown into so much more! We have shared our journey through two miscarriages to bringing home our miracle baby, Macey Gaines, in September 2014. Join us as we love, laugh, and grow together!!


  • Daily Bumps    Their info says ” We’re just a young family with one son AND a bun in the oven sharing our life and adventures with the world, including all of life’s ups and downs.”
  • Bryan also works on creating new songs and is quite talented at it.

  • Samika Vlogs     Their info says “A family of three spreading love daily through positive living. Oh, and sometimes we like to dance and celebrate even the littlest things in life; like getting out of the house before noon and pushing 9 pound babies out.”
  • Sam and Jennika met in college and married. They are full-time youtube vloggers like all of the ones above. They had their first child Noah, who just will grab your heart. Noah loves to dance and has so much personality you will smile so much your jaws will hurt. 🙂 They are also big sport fans.

Who needs TV or Reality shows when you can find some of the most amazing vloggers on youtube. I hope you will check them out, subscribe to them so you can get notified of each day’s update and enjoy watching some really cute family vloggers. You can also find their pages on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Periscope and other social media. This is my daily entertainment plus I watch some other vloggers too. I will do another post on other ones in the near future. These links will take you to one of their vlogs. Click on their vlog name to go to the home page and then on videos to see all the videos. You can arrange them by newest first or oldest first.

 #myfavfamilyvloggers, @Foolyliving, @TheNiveNulls, @Sacconejolys, @BonnieHoellein, @cullenandkatie, @dailybumps, @Samikavlogs

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  1. TV today? UGH Cheers for options!

    Comment by philosophermouseofthehedge | September 16, 2015 | Reply

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