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It is so easy to be grateful when things are going good. And yet, when things begin to go wrong as they will, we find it harder to have something to be grateful about. I suppose it is human nature. Have you ever noticed like when 9/11 happened how many people turned to church and God, but once the fear settled down and life returned to something more normal, people again drifted away. Sometimes, we have to just stop in the middle of what is going on with us and take a deep breath and then….just breathe and try to regain our balance.

Being grateful does not mean everything is wonderful. It simply means that we recognize that we still have good things in our lives. I actually have had people tell me when they finally met me in person that they were shocked that I was as sick as I was because I did not sound that way online or in emails or even on the phone. I pray that is because I open my eyes wide looking for the beauty still left instead of complaining about all the rubble falling around me.

Life is what we view it and if we are grateful for what we have in life no matter what befalls us, then we are happy and at peace. Never let anything take your happiness from you…no thing, no person, no tragedy, no sorrow..nothing. It is a choice you can make. I have made mine and continue to make it daily.

I urge you to do the three things of gratitude challenge each day and the three things must be different. Most people start off with God, family, my home and then seem to have trouble. I have done this challenge many times and make myself do it if I find myself losing the gratitude I should have.

I can remember about the third day thinking “What am I going to put down now?”   So, I sat there sipping my coffee and thinking and then I realized that for that day, one of the things I was so grateful for was that hot cup of coffee. I thought about how some people do not even have breakfast or anything hot to drink. From that day on, my list contained things such as long johns to keep me warm in a bad winter, flannel sheets, a note from a friend, fuzzy socks, the sun shining ….and the list could go on. If you do that challenge for about a month and then look back at what you wrote down, I think you would begin to see you have more to be thankful for than you realize. You have things in your life that if they were missing, your life would not be as happy as it was. There was a quote I read once that said it all.

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  1. I’m going to start doing this challenge.

    Comment by Anonymous | September 17, 2015 | Reply

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