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The Days Of Our Lives

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Many of you older ones on here will remember this clip. It comes from a soap opera and used many years ago. The hour-glass to me has always been life and it flows at speed not controlled by us but by a hidden force. But if you have ever watched an hour glass…the less sand, the faster it seems to run. Life holds still for no one and it is not a dress rehearsal. You only get one shot.

We can not stop time for it stops for no one. It marches on sometimes blissfully, sometimes difficult and sometimes pulverizing in what happens. It is all part of life.  Many say we live and we learn and I have often heard people say “oh I would not change a thing about my life, it made me who I am.”  Well, I would change things and I would change my own defense system so that I was not as trusting and naive. Yes, we learn but some things I think we can do without learning. But, I also know life has its own path and we are just the passengers.

I can admit to being naive in many respects and then older than dirt in others. I used to trust people from day one and then I learned what Dr. Phil preaches so much now. The world has changed and we can not trust everyone anymore much as we want to. There is a difference in how people view the world anymore and so many are self-absorbed and do not think about what they are doing to others and so if you trust them, just like the fly to the spider, you will get devoured. I find that a sad commentary on life that honesty is not what it used to be. Trust is not held sacred anymore by many, love and words of endearment are used as common as household cleaner products and life is so different. “Such are the days of our lives”.

I love the Native American belief that you get grounded from the earth. And yet, with so many living in concrete jungles, where is the grounding? We have wars and talk of wars, violence and murders, abuse rampant, and yet most people now sit behind a computer or their phone screen and live their lives. There is no accountability for actions anymore.  People can get mad at others and say horrific things and then walk away from a monitor and never have to face seeing what devastation their ugly words did. And some do not care what damage their words do.  The world has changed and now “such are the days of our lives”.

I was told that I am quieter and do not like to be around people much. Actually, I really love people and talking to people but due to sickness and health issues, I do not have the opportunity to do what most take for granted. If I were able, I would be on a plane flying to Italy to see my Roma my Roma once again and a friend there; a bucket list dream. So many things I used to dream of, I now write on the bucket list and look at and think “oh if I only could”.  I loved, even on crutches, walking on the cobblestone streets and looking at all the tiny shops, going into the most magnificent architectural buildings I have ever seen like the Cathedrals and the Pantheon. The history is abound and oh goodness what artwork. People there are in constant motion in Rome, every one rushing to do their thing. And “such are the days of their lives.”

Life has become very precious for me now as I get older and yes, sicker. I want to screech on the brakes. I fight to keep dreaming of the things I want to do. And I focus more on survival and on making sure my son is taken care of for all he has done for me. Oh if I could, I would board a plane and fly to Italy to see a friend there, to England and see friends there, to Australia and see friends there and all across the states and see people who I have become internet friends with all around the world. Some I have met in person and treasure that and others I would love the chance to meet just once. And I would love to just see the other countries. But, if I had a wish right now, it would be the mini bus or small camper to take me to see the ones I love the most like my other son and granddaughter back east or “mama” in St. Louis. She and I talked about how we knew we would probably never see each other again in person until we both reached heaven. And “such are the days of my life”.

Precious moments that turn into years, dreams accomplished and dreams shattered and dreams still being yearned for. I look back and I think where did all the time go and wish I had made better use of time. But, that is what life is. We do not see how important time or people are until it is too late and then we wonder how it got away from us. Well, it got away as tiny grains of sand through the hour-glass pouring into the bottom part of the hourglass. And we do not get to tip it over to start over. We just sit and watch and realize that life goes on whether we want it to or not. “And such are the days of our lives.”

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  1. Your words always touch me.
    You have such a beautiful soul and always seem so upbeat and I know you are fighting for time… for more days of our life.
    Thank you for your beautiful words and sharing them.

    Comment by gracelessnessover40 | September 30, 2015 | Reply

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