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Something I have learned about myself is that I must never try to be someone I am not or act in a way that goes against my own character. I have had my feelings hurt, my heart trampled on, been used and misused, etc. And you know that point when someone you really care about hurts you or makes you mad and you do not want to even respond to them? Or they ignore you and you want to ignore them back? Well, over time I have learned that I have to be me and being me is not someone being ugly, not someone trying to hurt someone else, not someone to give tit for tat. That is just not me.

“I will never apologize for being me, but I will apologize for the times that I am not.” – Michael Carini

This is good and I love what it is saying. If I am being true to my self, then I am kind, compassionate, loving and caring and very forgiving.  I am not vindictive nor do I try to get even with people or hurt people. That is me. But, the truth is there are times even when we have a good heart that we can act in a way that is not true to ourselves. When we are too tired, stressed, in a lot of pain, grieving, angry, etc, then emotions can come out are not truly me. And for those times, I will apologize profusely because I realize right after that I let the wrong wolf take over and acted in a way that was not me.

Many have told me that I was too forgiving and maybe I am but I believe in forgiveness.  I believe in forgiveness for our own hearts not necessarily for the person that hurt us. If we become unforgiving, then other negative traits can creep in such as hate. I have become in my later years someone who wants to show kindness. At times, I tear up looking at all the hate and ugliness people post on social media, you tube, etc because it is so hurtful and many seem not to care. But then I remember that hurting people do hurtful things. People are not born mean, malicious, angry, hateful, racists. They either learn it or the hardships of life make them that way. So, I try hard to be one who tries to be true to my heart even when others are not so kind to me. There really is no excuse to not be kind and caring.

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