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The Gift of Time

my logoI think the older we get, the more we think about what is important in life. So often, I see people lose the ones they loved but what made it worse was that they lost the time they could have spent with them before they died too. We have become a world that is so busy that we do not know what life really is anymore. Even when it comes to gifts for people we love, many people would rather just throw some money in a card rather than take the time to shop and look for something that would be special for them. I have always hated when people did that to me because it said they did not care enough to take a little time to look for something special for me.

Now there is a difference in sending a gift card at a time when things are hard for someone you love and just putting money in a card and forgetting about it for the holidays. My son back east sent us a gift card to use once when I had to have surgery. He wanted to do something  to help when I had to go to have surgery. The card would buy some of our food for the motel stay. I treasure that. A dear friend sent us a gift card for she knew things were really tight. They both paid attention to what is going on in our life. They took the time out of their busy lives to think of us.

First and foremost on my list of treasures is time. I would rather have 30 minutes of Skype time with my son back east and his sweet family than anything in the world. When they came to visit once, we spent our time sitting here at the house just being together and talking. That meant more to me than anything. There are times that my son here will just stay here and sit with me because he knows I do not feel good  and it means a lot that he would give up visiting his friends just to make his mother feel better.

Make time the number one gift you give and enjoy your loved ones. Do special things for them. Son and I learned this past Thanksgiving that making the meal (and cooking was an all day event) was the best part for me. We cooked sitting on a stool helping. Sometimes son was leaned over me helping me stir or pour..but we did it together. If you do not spend time with those you love…all those expensive gifts will mean nothing when they are gone. We each have only so many days in our lives and no one knows how many. The number is not stamped on us. So, we need to make the most of all the time we each have.

With the economy so tight, find things that are time based and do them. Take your loved one for a country ride like my son did me one time. Not a zoom ninety miles an hour ride but a ride down a country road driving slowly and talking. It will mean a lot to someone shut-in and the talking as you ride and look will make memories for you for when they are gone. Nothing should be more important than our loved ones…the big homes, the fancy cars, the expensive clothes and gifts can never replace the time you do not spend with them.

How many memories with your children have you missed because it was more important to have that high-powered job, big fancy house and expensive vehicles?  Did you miss their first steps or the first time they wrote their name?  Did you miss their first date or the birth of your grandchild?  I can guarantee you that your child would rather have time coloring with their Daddy or Mommy than a box with an expensive gift to play with all alone.

How many memories with your parents or grandparents have you missed out on because you were too busy to even visit them or call them?  If we do not stop the wild merry-go-round the world is on, one day people will wake up alone. They will look around and all they see is a big house, with fancy furniture and no one there to love them. We all have only so many days in our lives and we need to slow the rush, rush down and take time with our lived ones.

Take time to notice what your loved ones really like, what they like to do, what they need to help make their lives better and most of all…take time to just be with them. For nothing can replace that gift. Time is the most expensive thing in the world, especially if we let it slip through our fingers. I am so blessed because my sons and I all learned the value of just spending time with each other a good while back.

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