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“We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.”

I woke up this morning thinking about life and about what is happening right now with my back and the extreme pain. It would be so easy to just give in to the pain and the thoughts that come with pain this severe but I can not because it is not my nature.. I live with a lot of pain daily but this with my spine as brought in what I call screeching pain. It is so sharp and hard that even I can not help but cry out with it. Pain this bad wears you out and can bring a person down if not careful. This is why we have to start with our thoughts to keep them from becoming our words, actions and life.

This is why I love the quote above which was attributed to Buddha only I did not attach that to it for quotes found on the internet are not always credited to the right person. Also, it never fails that some people will focus on correcting who said it more than the words themselves. I read recently a quote that said basically that our thoughts can become our words, our words can become our actions and that becomes our way of life. This is another reason I do not spend ALL of time writing about, talking about, or reading about chronic illness because I want my life to be more than pain and chronic illness. I want my life to be filled with as much joy as possible.

If we pay attention to people, we learn a lot about them by their words and actions. We learn who feeds off of negativity or who is attention seeking because something is always wrong or who is a survivor and thriver or who is truly struggling so hard that a little support is needed or who dramatizes life and the list goes on. Words are very telling about people. Those that only speak of negative things have a life that is centered on negativity. Those that talk only of their health or their bad relationships and all that is wrong have let these things become their whole life. And those suffering that can see the beauty and joy in a sunset or sunrise or in the smallest thing in life have made their life be about positive things so that all joy is not lost. It is all about what we choose.

I think all the losses I have had in life taught me many things. One is that things are just that….things and can be replaced so why cry over the loss?  I also learned that no matter how bad it gets, something good is still there so that shaped how I think today. I have people tell me that they could not live like I do in this hospital bed. We see what we are looking for and if we are looking for misery than all we will see is misery. If we are looking for joy, then we will find it in the smallest things and our lives and words will portray what we are looking for.

We all have hard times and dark times. We just need to be careful and not let those thoughts take over our minds, our words, our actions and our lives. It is a choice and you all know I talk about choice a lot. We can choose to always see the negative and stay focused on problems or we can choose to work for solutions and to focus on the positive and make that a priority in our lives so that there is joy in our lives.

This does not mean that those who choose to be positive and see the positive never need the love and support from others. Of course we do. We just choose to try to refrain from spreading all the negative thoughts, words or actions on to others and make them be part of our pain and suffering every day. That is turning our thoughts, words, actions  into a lifestyle and then making the thoughts, words, actions and lives of others also turn into our negativity which to me is totally unfair to those I love and care about. They might be willing to begin with but many will soon find themselves sinking under the negativity and can not deal with it and it pushes people away.

A dear friend Audrey taught me so much. It has been about seven plus years since she died from cancer and yet during the time she was going through it, if you just met her you would never know that she knew she was dying. Her worst nightmare had come true. Both her parents had died of cancer and that was her fear and when the diagnosis came, she cried her tears and then decided that she was going to live and talk of life and enjoy her precious children as long as she could. She was not one who grit her teeth and pretended to smile any more than I am. When she smiled it was because she felt the joy that she chose to keep in her mind and in her words and in her actions and her life.  She, like me, believed in spreading joy not pain and sorrow. She chose to find the joy and live it.

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