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Did you know that there are 1440 minutes in a day?  Does not sound like much when it is written like that. Neither does twenty years sound like much when you say it is 240 months. For me, it made me realize just how short time really is and how precious it is.  I remember being in awe that my great-grandmother lived during the Civil War and was five years old. And yet, she was still alive when I was a very young child.  And she had this unique sense of being able to keep fighting throughout life and to keep smiling. For someone who probably did not weigh 80 pounds dripping wet, she was so alive and filled with the wonder of life. She did not believe in wasting one minute on negativity. I think that is where my belief in being positive and not wasting time on the negative things I can not change came from.

When my great-grandmother was five, the Yankee soldiers were marching into her little town in Georgia and she swung on her picket fence whistling “Dixie” at them. Can you imagine at five years old doing that?  Fortunately, the men were not the kind to turn around and do anything to a five-year old. They realized she was a child. I was always told I took after my Granny Bellamy. I never could quite grasp what they meant until much later in life for she was five foot tall and I was five eleven. What family members meant was I had the fight and the determination and also the positive attitude I have now and that is how I have survived all that I have been through and that is how Granny Bellamy lived to be ninety something years old still wearing button up boots and high collar black dresses. She made the most of every minute she had in life and that is what I try to do for the minutes are not as long as we think. And this is why I refuse to spend my life focused on my chronic illnesses or disabilities. There is more to life than that.

One of the things Granny Bellamy taught me was to be sure and thank those that have been good to me and to show those I love that I loved them every day. It was her that told me to never let the sun set on my anger for I may not wake in the morning or the one I was angry at may not wake and then the moment would be lost. A minute can seem so short and yet sometimes, like when holding our tongue in anger can seem an eternity. It is all in how we view it. She also taught me that how I lived life was up to me and what I focused on is what my life would be. She lived a hard life, survived a war, loss of her husband, loss of children…and yet she focused on what she still had instead of what she no longer had.

Do you rush through life trying to taste everything you can but in reality only getting a smidgen of life?  Or do you take your time and enjoy those you love and realize that the most important thing is the moments we spend with loved ones. My sons like most children have told me often that the one thing they remember about growing up was that I was there for them and the love we had for each other. We did not have lots of money or do lots of fancy things but we sure did have some good times just doing simple things like movie night and popcorn. No matter what you do with your loved ones…are you taking the moments with them that will last long after you are gone?

One of the sweetest things my son said to me was that the most wonderful thing about taking care of me was getting to spend time with me and getting to know me not just as a mother but as an adult. I am thankful he does not make me feel like a burden and when his friends come around he acts proud to say “this is my mom”.  Son has done this for several years now and he has asked me questions about family and family history and wanting to learn how to do the things I always did like gardening and baking bread. He taught me that the greatest inheritance I can give my kids is my time with them and teaching them things that will carry on after I am gone.

1440 minutes in a day and yet they can slip by so fast that a week is gone before we know it. And believe me when I say, the older you get the faster they go. When we are young, we think we have forever. And as we get older, we become more aware of time and how fast it is flying. I always said that if you want to see how fast time goes by just have kids for they are grown and twenty years is gone before you can turn around. I look at my sons now and think “my gosh when did they become this age and grow up so quickly?”  because I do not feel like I ever got to grow up.

I believe in never wasting time on anger. It is one of the most useless emotions to me because people will waste precious moments ranting and frothing at the mouth and usually over something that will not matter a month from now. I believe in forgiving easily not for the other person but for myself so that I am not carrying extra baggage around. I believe in loving generously and when we love….do so without expectations. Just love because it is such a wonderful thing to do. I believe in being loyal to those I love. I do not mean blind loyalty like you see some people do where they do not see the faults or admit the other person has any flaws. I mean love in spite of the things a person does wrong not because of what they do right. And I believe in treasuring every moment I can with those I love. Live with no regrets and most of all …live like you are dying for then you will treasure every minute of every day as if it were your last.

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