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Do Not Make The Canvas of Your Life A War Zone

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This is a topic that is very important to me because I see so many people running in so many directions that they have no time to just relax. Picking your battles is extremely important so that you do not waste precious energy. I like to compare it to putting oxygen on. If you do not put your own oxygen on first then you can not help anyone else for you will pass out.

I have to rate things that I feel passionate about, about people who I want to be there for and love and about what can actually take my physical energy. I know that sounds horrible but if I do not then I will find with my health, I am burnt out and of no use to anyone much less myself.

So, I first ask myself can I do anything to change the situation?   For example, the only thing I can do when it comes to how our country is run is vote when the time comes, write to leaders and express my displeasure or pleasure, etc. I can not change it and I feel that I must not get too wrapped up in all the political arguing. I just need to know the basics so that I know enough to vote or it keeps me stressed.  I can not change what others do much as I would like to so getting worked up over problems others have is draining my energy. I do not mind being a listening ear but when I see that my listening only encourages the person to not do anything to help themselves then I must back away.

Life is our own masterpiece and we are given a blank canvas at birth. How we fill the canvas is up to us. People create their own canvas by what is in their lives and if things happen to that canvas that they did not intend, they learn to work around it to create something still beautiful. We do not have to be part of every argument we are invited to. We can pick our battles and therefore make our masterpiece even more beautiful.

Some still have a blank canvas as they are waiting on others to paint it for them. Some have a very gray canvas because they are timid or too afraid to try life and so only use the grays in life. Some have great explosions of color and wild lines on their canvas as they dart from experience to experience and while it makes a colorful painting, it may have no direction or consistency. Some paint with firm, broad strokes while others paint in minute details and yet both can be beautiful.

Some spend their lives copying the masters and never create their own image. Some have a painting that touches the soul and takes your breath away because of the beauty and emotion in the painting while some make us cringe because we see so much hardness, hatred, anger and primal emotion in it. It is all about the artists and we are the artists of our lives.

Just like any form of artwork, contrast is needed to see the picture but too much contrast or too little contrast and the image is lost. And like any artwork, our canvas will last long after we are gone. Will it tell a story? Will it be an original? Will it be one that is displayed in the homes and hearts of loved ones or will it be one that is hidden behind the couch because the story it tells is not one people want to see? As long as it is authentic, then that is all we need to worry about. We should create a canvas that is true to ourselves.and shows the joy and love we have within us.

I could make my canvas all about sickness and disability but that is not all I see in my life. Even from this hospital bed, I see joyous things and things that make me smile that have nothing to do with sickness. So, I focus my lens on all of life so that my canvas has bits and pieces of all of life. You will not see death in my canvas until the very end for though I have been at death’s door many times and surprised them all by surviving, death is not part of my current life. My canvas is about living, about daring to hope, about believing and about surviving. What is your canvas about?

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  1. I can very much relate to this post. My life changed dramatically with sudden illness. Like you however I feel that illness is not everything. I just needed to find other ways to express my personality. I too enjoy blogging, and reading other blogs, and I do my own little bit of campaigning as well.

    Your writing is always inspirational. Thank you.

    Comment by Sally | December 5, 2015 | Reply

    • thank you so much. We have to make our own world don’t we 🙂

      Comment by danLrene ©2011 | December 5, 2015 | Reply

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