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“Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value.”

Albert Einstein

 I love this quote for it says what I believe so well.  Too many people go after fame, fortune..success and somewhere along the line, things like morals and values get lost. We have all seen it in everything from the ministry business where so many Te$evangelists are convicted of fraud to big businesses and financial business like the Ponzi schemes. And we see it in the political arena.

So, what happens along the way? Does the attention, the fame, the glory and all the money change people and turn them into something they were not?  I think so. I think we are all capable of being swayed by these things and some are swayed easier than others. It is not easy to live in a world filled with glitter and gold and not be swayed. But, it is possible.

I would rather be a person known for my honesty, my values, my morals, my compassion and kindness for others than be known as the Owner of some big business.. To me, when all that is important is the money and the fame, you have sold your soul to the devil.

I also prefer to be around people who are people of value. I have learned through my many years (yeah yeah..some older than dirt wisdom here) that the people you hang around with are those that reflect your values and morals. What is that old saying  “birds of a feather ..flock together: So, if you are trying to change your life, take a good close look at those you have hung around with because it is very hard to change when you do not let go of part of what has influence on you.

I can remember running with the wrong crowd and I never felt like I fit in but it was the “IN” crowd so it must be good. I was friends with the leaders so that made me special right?  WRONG. It just made me look like someone whose values were less than I wanted mine to be. And one day, I asked myself why it was so important to be buddies with the leaders of these things. You know that feeling of  wanting to be the teacher’s pet. They are just people and in fact they were people who did not have the morals I did. And so, I started looking for those that did. And now, I am content and do not feel like I have to compromise my own morals by agreeing with someone who wants to do things that are not right. And being silent with these people is looked at as agreeing. You may not agree but if you do not stand up for what is right,  you are just as bad as the ones doing it.

Yesterday, I watched a video of EMT’s rescuing and saving this dog who had fallen in a frozen pond. I heard some people say “I sure do not want them being my EMT. Look at them taking care of that dog in the ambulance”.   I was impressed with these EMT’s. They are men of value….they did what was right against what some may say. They were not doing it for fame and fortune but to help a living being in trouble. I was so impressed that I can say that I would want these EMT’s to be taking care of me. These are the ones I would wish would be there to get me in an emergency. I watched them working over that dog and the man telling him “hang in there buddy. we got you. hang in there” and I could hear them saying that to me in a crisis. These are men with honor, dignity, compassion and most of all …VALUES.

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Right now, we live in a world where kids are being given the example of doing anything stupid just to get on television or you tube and make money. They do not want to go to school, learn a trade or anything. They just want to be on these shows which have the worst values I have ever seen. Do not misunderstand me. There are some good shows on television and there are some good people doing vlogs on YouTube. But there are way more of the ones who are acting like idiots just to make the money.And so, it was more than nice to see these NY Firefighters showing such values and helping an animal in need. I hope that we see more and more people following their example and doing what is right.

When we just sit back and let things happen whether it is an animal in trouble, abuse of children, animals or the elderly, someone taking advantage of people, someone stealing, someone endangering others…no matter what it is…..then we are just as bad as the ones doing it. Living with honor and morals an values also means being brave and standing up for what is right. I have an old saying that says it all. “If you are complacent, then you are complicit.”  We might not can change all the people in the world but we can be a start in changing our corner of the world.

The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.

~ Albert Einstein

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