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The times now are very precarious with all the economic woes, homes lost, jobs lost and now it is winter time and holiday time. This blog is about really paying attention to what is around us and the spirit of giving and about acts of kindness. Sometimes we can get so caught up in our own issues and what we are doing that we do not pick up on things that are happening where we might be able to pay it forward for all the help we have received through life.

As we left the doctor’s office today, there were people with signs saying hungry, need food, need work and the people were standing on the street corner holding them up. Those are the obvious signs that someone probably needs help. Unfortunately, there are also the ones that do it to just get money but we can not judge all by the few. It is far better to assume the person really is  hungry and feed them than to ignore them and they go hungry even longer. Helping with good intentions is all that matters.

There are other signs though if you frequent the same places over and over. How many times do you enter places like Waffle House, stores, cafe’s where you see the same people, some with small children over and over who do not seem to be eating but are sitting there with one drink while their children color or draw on a piece of paper as they watch them while staring out the window at the same time. There is a very good chance that people like this do not have a place to go home to and or a place with no heat and are staying warm by occupying a booth or table in a place and purchasing one item so that they can sit there as long as they can.

Do we really see what is going on around us? Do we really want to? Does it make us uncomfortable? Do we want to turn away from it or them? It happens every day. And while most people are rushing in and out of the stores where the big sales are going on, buying the iPad, computers, laptops, jewelry, sweaters, toys etc for loved ones, other people are sitting in hospitals, on benches somewhere, or in homes with no heat and wondering if they will even have Christmas.  Some families will be praying for their loved ones to not die during this holiday, or for clothes for their children or a food box so that they have Christmas dinner.


This year, does anyone think that maybe they could step out of their comfort zone and do just one thing for someone who has less than them?  Many of you have done that helping me get to Denver in the past for surgery right before Christmas time. You opened your hearts and your wallets and gave to me..someone you have never met in person…to make my Christmas a little brighter by helping me get to have the medical care that I needed.  So, I ask can anyone do one thing for someone they do not know or even for someone they do know? Donate a coat to someone,  a pair of shoes, fix a food box and take it to the little old lady that lives down the street, spend an hour with someone house bound. If we just do something for someone who has less, is shut in and alone or has had hard times, .that something that you do will not only brighten your day and make you feel good but may be the only Christmas the other person gets.

Christmas is a season of giving. Maybe this year, we could give to someone we do not know, someone in trouble, someone shut in or someone we know but not well. Whether you celebrate Christmas as the birth of Christ or you celebrate it as just a holiday time of giving, it is all about the heart. I have never regretted giving of myself or what I have to those in need. And this year, there are more than ever who will need an act of kindness to make their holiday a little brighter. I know many say they are busy living their own lives, but we do not live on an island. The world is all around us and that act of kindness can not only fill the heart of someone in need or alone but it can also fill our own heart.

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