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Do You Like The Taste Of Dust?

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A wise man told me once that “some people like the taste of dust” and I asked him what that meant. He said our pride makes us do things that cause us to fall in the dust over and over. I thought “Well, I have fallen before and gotten up”. He told me that falling is not the problem it is falling over and over and not learning anything from falling that is the problem.  I thought on that a long time and tried to apply to me for I am a stubborn person and sometimes being stubborn is a good thing as in fighting my health. But, sometimes being stubborn is a bad thing.

This person who speaks such honesty and truth told me that sometimes we can let our pride trip us up. He also taught me that even though our desire may be to help others and open their eyes, it can trip us up because people will hear what they want to hear and no more. And that often is my “taste of dust” for when I care, I care deeply and when it seems  danger of harm is near,  I want to stop it before it happens. But, we can not always do that. Sometimes we have to just hold our hearts and sit on the sidelines and let it happen. And that is the hardest of all for me to do and that makes me fall in the dust many times and taste the dust over and over when it comes to those I care deeply about. And it is not a good taste.

I have grown to love and admire this person who speaks such truth and wisdom to me and teaches me of life and has become an influential part of my life. He speaks of life in terms most do not get because we are in such a hurry to gobble up all of life and miss what is important. And some of us get it but do not always use it. Of that I am guilty at times. I think about my ancestors who had such trials and tribulations and who trusted and believed and still had such humility, strength and determination. They used their wisdom to make their lives better. I want to do that.

Life is a road of many challenges, steps, revelations, joys, hardships, battles, triumphs, times of love, times of anger, times of peace, times of anxiety and it is up to us each day to make those steps. We can stop any time we want on the road but then we miss all life has to offer us. There have been times I have thought “I do not want to go on this journey” but went anyway because going on the journey was the only way to get to the other side and be able to carry on.

A big part of life is learning and applying. Learning without applying is wasted effort. If we learn the lessons those who are sent to teach us, it makes a dramatic impact on our lives. The gentle soul who teaches me of life, walks through pain with me and reminds me to always be a warrior. He tells me a warrior is not about fighting so much as it is about getting up and starting over when you fail. This has enhanced my life. And sometimes he opens my eyes and helps me see. So, my answer to him when he asks me  “How much dust to you like to taste?” has to be “I must like to taste it a lot because I keep falling on some things and not changing what makes me fall”.  And I smile because I know the next question which is “How does it taste?” and I tell him “Not too good.”  But, I am learning to work on me and to realize that I can not change others. I can only be a lesson for others to learn from.

So, every step we make leaves an imprint in this world and leaves an example for others to follow. I want mine to be imprints and examples that encourage others along their way, that show me getting up and going again and again, and show me learning not to taste so much dust.

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