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Ever found yourself trying to be everything to everyone?  Every rushed around thinking the more you did, the better a person it made you? I have been there and then one day when I could not do for everyone. It was then I learned that what I did was not the thing that made me important or a good person. The good person was who I was inside. It is the part of me that makes up my soul, my spirit and shapes and forms my values.

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Self worth is not being cocky or a braggart. It is knowing that you are a good person that has honesty and integrity inside whether you have one penny in your pocket or a million dollars in your pocket. It is not a chalk off list of all the good things that you do because if that were the case than I am worthless because I can not get up and do for others. And I know I am not worthless. Are you getting my drift here?

We can not go around expecting others to give us our self-worth.  I know I am a worthy person and I know I am a good person because I know what my values and integrity inside are. I also, because I am Christian, believe that if I live according to my values than I am being a good person.

“Just because someone devalues you does not mean you have lost value. God would never define your value according to a person who can not estimate (value)”

Terra Charissa Hodges

I do not have to have another person’s approval to validate that I am worthy.  All we have to do is just be ourselves and live our lives with good values and then those that see our value will love us and those that do not, let them go. So many people, especially young women, think that they must have a partner to validate them. Something else I learned was that if I can not live with myself by myself, I will never live peacefully with another person.

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So, during this busy holiday that seems to center around shopping, doing good deeds, and giving…what are you weighing your value with? Is your worth being calculated on how much you spend on everyone? Is it being calculated on how much you help everyone?  If your scale is made up of these types of things, then you have no idea what your true value is. That old saying “quality versus quantity” comes to mind here. We can only stretch ourselves so thin before we are not really giving of ourselves. Know your own self-worth. Be your own scales and see the good inside you. Let your scales be balanced with character and morals and not with money and deeds. Know your own self worth.

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