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We all have days where we feel like the darkness has covered us. That should make us more sympathetic to others when things are bad and dark but unfortunately it does not always do that. Even when we think there is no light, there is a tiny speck somewhere. Like the distant star in the sky when all else is black, we have to focus our eyes on that one tiny speck until more light appears. It may be a tiny speck of light inside our hearts that is a happy memory. Whatever it is, we have to hold on to it until more light comes. Sometimes we need the light shone on us and other times, we need to shine our light on others.

“There is not enough darkness in all the world to put out the light of even one small candle.”  Robert Alden

I remind myself constantly that what is precious to me may not be precious to someone else and what is precious to someone else may not be precious to me but it is still precious. We each have our own thoughts and feelings on what is precious and must never demean another person just because we may find what they feel is precious as silly. That precious thing may be what is keeping them helping on in really dark times.

We have within us the capability to lift someone up that is down. It may just be holding their hand or hugging them or just listening to them and understanding how they feel. It may be just a call or a visit. The smallest thing can bring the greatest results and yet we often fail to do these things. We can get so caught up in “life” and what we want to do that we do not look at people anymore and look in their eyes to see how they are doing. The greatest joy I have ever gotten was working in soup kitchens because the homeless just want someone to smile and care about them.

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Life is a never-ending song. Sometimes the music is calm and gentle and sometimes it is loud and thundering. Everyone has a song if we just take he time to listen. I can not live my life thinking everyone is out to scam me. I have to go by my heart and if they are playing a game, it is on them not me. So far, I have not had one event where I felt like I was taken advantage of and that is because I looked into their eyes and into their heart and really listened to what them. I just try to play a song of peace and love to all I come into contact with. If you really pay attention, there are people who can add life to your life just as they have to mine and there are people that we can add life to their lives. It is just a matter of choice.

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