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The Day We Stop Looking

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Life is not all love, harmony and roses. There are many sad things happening in the world today. We can not personally change each and every one of those things but what I realized last night was the day we stop looking at the bad things going on in the world is the day we have sealed ourselves off from the cosmos around us. I do not mean you have to look 24/7 at all the bad news on television or on social media. No one can handle that. But what I do mean is that we have to be aware of the bad before we can choose how we make a difference in the world. We can not fix what we do not acknowledge..

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There are times and situations where we do need to black out the bad in the world for our own sanity. It is only bad when we black it out all the time and those around us are suffering. I have a friend who works with those who are grieving, suffering with loss and death all the time and so she has to make time for her to have a blackout of the problems of others to help her refuel.  Sometimes when things are too tough on us, we need to shelter ourselves from the storm and pull in our boundaries a little until we are able to pick up and go on. And that is necessary.

And once we are able to pick up and go on, we need to remember that so many are in need and are hurting or being abused and neglected. I hear many say it is not their problem and yet it is our job to help humanity in my book. For, I realize that I could be where those people are. And to share what I have with another is what it is all about. We try to share with others but sadly, many this holiday season will go without because people will not share or help or even just give of their time. Our choices make us who we are and while it may seem so good to have so much and not give to anyone, it also defines us a human being.

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We can close our eyes to the poverty around us.  We can ignore the suffering of others, the suffering of abuse of children, elderly, adults and of animals but it does not make it go away. It is still happening and when we choose to ignore, we have chosen to stand with those things and those people who are causing the harm. No choice is a choice.

When we say we have tolerance to this or that, it means that we are consenting to what is happening. When we tolerate abuse and bullying, we are consenting to it. When we tolerate people dying of starvation, we are consenting to it happening. Mother Teresa said once that we are not all destined to be this huge star and save the world, but that we should start in our corner of the world and save one person at a time. We should no longer tolerate all the ugliness in the world. If we are complacent then we are complicit. It is time we stopped tolerating and started acting.

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So this holiday,  if everyone just reached out to ONE person, just think how much joy and good would occur. If every person reached out and helped one person, one animal, one home…..just one…the world would be a much better place. We do not know what everyone is going through so why not level up instead of pushing them down even farther or even worse ignoring them. Reach out and pull someone up, help someone reach their dream, help them have something to lift them from the darkness and see how much light you find glowing around yourself.

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P.S.  I have been really struggling physically, so I apologize for not getting up all the blogs daily. Some days my brain just refuses to work. 🙂 But know that I love writing and love that you all read what I write. You all reading inspires me to keep writing. Thank you so much.

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