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Put On Your Under Roos And Start 2016 With Reality

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Happy New Year Everyone

Let’s start the year with a little reality: a little older than dirt wisdom that I have gleaned along the way.

1. Life is tough but our happiness is not dependent on what goes on in life. It is dependent on what goes on in our hearts. Happiness is free, has no connection to money, people or places. It is a state of being inside us. This is why we see people where storms have taken their homes, etc and they are smiling and talking as they clean up. Their happiness lies in their hearts.

2. Life is not like it used to be. You can not..I repeat CAN NOT trust people like you used to be able to do when I was growing up. We left doors unlocked, we trusted right off the bat and took people at their word, made deals on a handshake. We CAN NOT do that any more. I see women getting fleeced and men…by those pretending to be in love with them. Use your brains and research, research, research.  Google can tell you a lot. Just as the Bible tells us, not every person that professes to know Jesus will Jesus say He knows for He knows their words are not true. The same is true about people who tell us they love us. Not all really mean it. I realize sometimes we are lonely and just want someone to love us but we must use caution.

3. Attitude is everything and I do not mean bad attitude. I mean if you are a person that has a positive attitude it makes all the difference in the world. If you look for good, you will find good. If you look for bad, you will find bad. We let our brains filter out what we do not want to see or what holds us back. I do not see myself as disabled or chronically ill. I never have in spite of spending most of my time in a hospital bed and using a power chair. That is because I do not want to see myself that way and so I do not look for the sick and bad things in my life.

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4. Never sell your soul for the almighty dollar for it will not bring you happiness. If money and possessions brought you happiness then why would all these people keep trying to collect it all?  Why?  Well, danLrene is here to tell you that the reason people keep going after money and possessions so much is that it brings temporary “JOY” to their hearts that are devoid of “happiness”. They keep wanting that feeling but do not realize they can have it without money. Happiness is a state of being, not a cash flow. If you can not be happy alone, with no money or nothing….you will never be happy with someone and with lots of money. You will always be searching for that elusive thing you see some people have and that is called happiness.

5. Learn to ask questions and learn to really listen to understand. People, as a society tend to “react” and not “act”. Our communication skills are lacking because most people tend to text and not do face to face talking.  People do not take into consideration when talking to someone else that their definition of a word may not be the same as ours. And so people react instead of stopping when something upsets them and saying “Let me tell you what my head is hearing and you tell me if that is what you are saying”. Many times you will find that what you hear is not what the person was saying. Son and I learned to do that and we were often shocked when we heard what the other thought we were saying as it was nowhere near what we meant.

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6. Stop getting riled up over small stuff. Ask yourself will it matter a week from now, a month from now, a year from now, ten years from now. Why waste precious energy on things that are trivial. Pick your battles and make sure they are worth fighting for. I mean seriously folks…have you ever read the comments on news papers or groups and see people attacking just for the sake of attacking. Do not waste energy and do not get sucked into drama. REFUSE to be a part of drama by just not participating. Fight for only things that mean something.

7. Stand up for those less fortunate than you. Take the time to look around you and to see those people who look like the homeless or poverty-stricken and realize that they too were you one day. They are vets, people like our children or our parents…real people. Stop walking past them. I do not mean just hand them money. Take the time to speak to them and to show care. Look around you in life. Pay attention to others. I caught what one sickly, elderly woman who lives here was saying and no one else did. She had started giving away her possessions and said she is ready to go. Others think she means to a nursing home. No, she means she is ready to leave this world. She is tired of loneliness and suffering and pain. So, I reach out to her to let her know she is loved as do others. Give of your time and heart.

8. Make time and love more important than making money. Your children will be grown one day and once they are grown, there is no going back. We can not get back loved ones once they are gone. Make sure your priorities are where they should be. I admire Garth Brooks for taking off from his soaring career because he wanted to be with his family and his children while they were growing up. His priority for his kids and family was greater than his want to go on tour. Tell your loved ones you love them everyday. We are only here for a short time and once we are gone…once they are gone…it is too late. Make time and love your biggest priority for those you love.

9. Stop spending your life talking of all the negative in your life, in the country, in the world. We create what we speak about and our lives become what we are talking about. One reason I do not talk often about my health is I do not want to waste my precious moments on my health. I do not spend my life researching it nor do I discuss it daily. My health is what it is. I do not need anyone to validate it. I do not find offense if someone says get well soon even though I never will or tells me they hope I feel better. My goal is to not have people feel sorry for me but to find inspiration in how I live. They mean well with those comments and that is what is important. I prefer to focus on the good things going on, the things I still can do and the people I still have in my life; not on the bad things.

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10. Never let someone else derail your dreams. Follow your dreams and work towards your dreams. Dreams do not normally fall from the sky but come from a passion and desire to work towards the dream. Believe in yourself even if others do not. Just keep walking the path and setting goals so that you can reach your dreams. We know in our hearts when something is not working and therefore, we should know when we need to change directions. Changing directions does not mean the dream is lost. It simply means you are taking a detour. Believe…Believe…Believe.

My dreams are still live and I make new ones to add to them. I dream of Italy and returning to Rome. Hey, any millionaires out could make this dream come true. *laughing*.  Seriously, dreaming of Rome brings me joy just from the dream itself. I dream many things that I want to accomplish. This blog was and still is one. My heart’s desire was to write so that I encouraged people and if I encouraged just one, I was happy. I never wanted to be famous or travel the circuit doing motivational speaking. I simply wanted to write from my little one room world and touch those in the world. I survive because I see myself as whole, as a warrior as well and that keeps me inspired to not give up when things are tough. It does not matter what anyone else thinks as long as I have faith in me and it does not matter as long as you have faith in you.

how others see youimage from

So, get your Under Roos on and go out and face the world. Just know there will be ups and downs but you do not have to STAY down for that is a choice. And know that danLrene is rooting for you. Happy New Year. Make 2016 the year to create your own happiness.

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