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I had someone ask me once what was MOJO because I use the expression all the time that I am putting my MOJO on. This below is the best description of MOJO I have seen to date.


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I can not tell you how but I can tell you that always, there is something inside me that refuses to give up, that refuses to lose hope and that refuses to give in. And that part pushes me, kicks me up, screams and hollers in my ear until I hear it and I keep putting one foot in front of the other to keep going.

Sometimes we can get so discouraged that we fail to see that there is another route to our goal. We get so bogged down in the pain and misery that we no longer see that tiny star of hope and we close our ears and pull the covers over our heads and want to quit. I have been there and in the quiet under the covers I started hearing that little voice screaming at me “GET UP!!”  “DON”T QUIT NOW”, etc. But, it took being in the pits of the situation for me to get quiet enough to hear that inner voice screaming at me.

the plan

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The next part is going to hit hard to some people, will hit that note of recognition in others and will make some think “really?”.  The basic truth is that when we get in pain, frustration and drowning in our sorrows…all we are focused on is “ME”.  And it is at that point that we can not see down the road because “ME” is blocking the view.

Some of you asked me…so here it is. I realized a long time ago that if I stayed focused on “poor me” and all that is wrong…I can never see what might could be right. At that point, I am so (some will hate this) wallowing in my own self pity that I can not see the solution nor can I see the strength in my own self to get back up and fight again.

I had to learn to change my focus off “ME” and back on to the goal to get “HELP”  for me, to :FIND SOLUTIONS that make life of greater quality for me, to “FIND THE PROTOCOLS” that help me.  Yes, “me” is still in there but in a role of less importance compared to the goals of finding something to help our health.

I wake up every morning with every nerve fiber in my body screaming in pain. I take my meds and I lay there while it kicks in thinking of what I can do to further my goals. I am here in Denver and I can tell you that I have two choices here. I can scream and cry and carry on and pull the covers over my head and say “I can not do this” (or even attempt to do it but scream and cry the whole time about how bad I am)  or I can pull from deep within for that inner strength and say “I CAN and I WILL do this” and I will do it with attitude! It is all about choice. And that is MOJO when you choose the latter and say I can and I will do this no matter how hard it is and I will do it in style and in grace. I may come home and crash on the bed when I get in..but I WILL do it. That is MOJO..that is determination and that is learning to do for myself instead of expecting others to do it for me.

I am not unique. There are many of us that smile and do what we have to do without drawing the attention on how bad we feel and instead put it on the goal that we have set to carry out. Strength is not some mysterious gift given to me and a few others. We all have it. Whether we use it or not is up to us.

Find your inner MOJO and use it. And using your MOJO does not mean you have to be a bad ass or a bitch. It simply means being strong and calm and learning to say “no that will not work because…”  I remember a dear friend once saying in reference to a person that was acting the bad ass to everyone..”you know, you can be assertive without being a bad ass or a bitch. If you want people to assertive but hold off on the bitch attitude.”.  I remembered that I refer to it often when I want to just tell someone off.


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