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It is a new year full of all different choices for us each to make.  We can either step up and choose for ourselves or we can be in the victim mentality and let others choose for us.  When we are little kids, our parents choose for us but once we grow up…the choices are ours to make. This year ♫♫ put a little choice in your life ♫♫.

This year,  make a conscious choice to choose happiness and work towards creating it within your heart. Stop choosing to depend on others to make you happy.  Stop depending on things to make you happy. Stop choosing places to make you happy and choose to make yourself happy for only we can do that for ourselves. Things, people, places can all be taken from us. What is in our hearts can not.

Own your lives and your stories and choose to make your life the best possible. Choose to trust until you are shown that you can not trust. Choose to accept people as they are and to not judge all by what one or two people did to you. Choose to love in spite of what others do not because of what they do.  Choose to be forgiving and to not only forgive but to ask forgiveness whether the other person forgives you are not. Choose to see the good in life instead of the bad.  Choose to let go of old baggage and leave it in 2015.  Choose to be the driver of your own bus and make decisions that are best for you.

I hear people say “So and so made me lose my temper”, “So and so caused me to quit trying” and other things along this line.  People can not “make” us do anything. That is a choice. No one holds a gun on us and says “You must give up right now.” or “You must get angry right now.”.  We choose to do that. I see people get furious over what a stranger said to them and they chose to do that.  And my response is “What do you care what a stranger says?”  Choose to pause and then act instead of reacting to others. Choose to own your words, your actions and your life and be accountable for it.

Choose to know why you do something. I was watching Dr. Phil and he asked a woman why she stayed with a man who treated her badly and her response was “I just love him so much”.  And when Dr. Phil asked her what she loved about him, she could not answer. She just kept saying “I just love him ..I just love him.”   I can tell you twenty something years later why I loved a certain man in detail. I loved how he laughed. I loved how caring he was. I loved how he would do small things to show his love. I loved how affectionate he was. I loved how he loved my sons and how he loved his own children. I loved how he stood by me in times of trouble. I loved how he tried to protect me from ugliness in the world. I loved  how sharing he was. If good things came into his life, he wanted all those he loved to share in it.  And the list could go on. If you can not tell why you love a significant other, then perhaps you are in love with being in love and really do not love the person as much as you think. Own your actions.

Choose to try to make this the best year you have ever had. Choose to believe in yourself and not depend on others to validate you. Choose to laugh often and love a lot. Choose to be honorable and respectful and choose to be someone others can trust. Choose to be respected not disrespected. Choose to take the best care of you that you can for if you do not, no one else will. And most of all, choose to hear that song in your heart that takes your breath, makes you sigh and fills you to the brim and brings joy to your life.

These are your choices this year and many more choices that I have not even listed. Choose to  ♫♫put a little choice in your life ♫♫

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  1. Sometimes you truly amaze me. How creative. Hope things are going well. Wanted to call, but unsure of how you feel currently or whether you are accepting calls. I’m in CA. It is almost as cold as CO. Moreover, it has rained steady for days. They were correct about the El Nino.



    Comment by Abigail Lang | January 5, 2016 | Reply

    • would love for you to call me. Let me try emailing. I am not sure as I have two addresses for you so will send to both.

      Comment by danLrene ©2011 | January 6, 2016 | Reply

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