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Life is so funny. We make it through the high school years or so we think.  And then people turn around and revert back to behavior that comes from high school days. Those days that were filled with trying to fit in with “the crowd” and wanting people to like us and value us. And sometimes, we would do stupid things trying to make people see our worth never realizing that we can not make people see anything about us whether it is our worth, our love, our value, how pretty we are or are not, how sick we are or are not or what great qualities we have. We can not make anyone see any of that. The only thing we can control is ourselves.

I think I learned early on this lesson and was always told I had an “old soul” for this reason. It was like I had walked these paths and knew the answers before my time. My parents used to get mad because I did not work to be part if the “IN crowd” and I would tell them that I did not want to be part of that group because at our school they were the ones out doing things they should not be doing at 15 and 16 such as drinking, smoking, having sex. But, because they came from what my parents deemed “good homes” and were “popular” in school, then they were the ones I was supposed to be friends with.

It was the days of certain people being idols because they were the most popular or the football star, etc and people were all but drooling all over them and were always chasing after them trying to be able to say they were the closest to the idol. I remember my father telling me that I was a failure because I did not work to be elected to one of those status symbols for the yearbook such as “most likely to succeed”, “most popular” or “most athletic”.  I was a star athlete and it made him mad because I did not even try to win that one. And yet, my old soul knew that these labels did not make me a person of value. I told him that it was a popularity contest not a real award.

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And when people become adults and especially with Facebook, this competition atmosphere exists again and you see some of the same high school behavior of cutting people down, trying to intimidate people by posting on top of all their posts, jealousies, idol worship and you name it. And as I look at Facebook, I feel a sense of deja Vu and think “was high school not enough?”  Must we repeat the behavior of teen years. Did people not learn their own worth or learn that it is not based on what others think but on what you think of yourself? Some people brag they have 560 friends. Sorry folks, but you do not have that many friends. You have 560 people who clicked to be on your page but they are mostly people you do not really know.  According to a report I read, it said that Facebook brings out the high school in people and I do believe that “can” be true.  But, as always, I refuse to join in that kind of behavior because it is high school like and immature.

Sometimes we settle for less because we do not think we are worth being truly loved. We do not see that we are allowing ourselves to be an option for someone when we deserve to be a priority. Sometimes we base our worth on whether certain people love us or care about us. But, this is no longer high school where we are just learning what it means to be an adult and fall in love and have good friends we love. We are adults who should always know that we are valuable because our hearts tell us we are and not because someone else does. We are valuable because we are worthy. It does not take people chasing after us, trying to be our best friend, trampling anyone around to keep others from being friends with us to make us worthy or valuable. We are valuable because of what is inside us and we decide that. No one can take our self-worth and our self-respect from us unless we hand it to them.

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My older than dirt wisdom has taught me that I must be the driver of my own bus and that I must first recognize my own self worth before anyone else will. And if no one sees that I am a good person, then I must see for myself and keep walking my path. Be the person you want others to see and let it shine.

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