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We always hear “change is inevitable” and it is. What we do not hear is that how we deal with change is up to us. It is our choice to accept and deal with change. It may be change at work, change at home, change in family, change in friendships, change in health or whatever. And sometimes we react instead of act. We just throw our hands up and say this is not worth fighting for. Change is often spoken of in self-defeating terms as if we have no choices in the matter and so we do nothing.

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How we react to change is totally up to us. It is our choice to accept it is bad or good. It is our choice to stay or to walk away in defeat or to give up or to just throw away whatever it is. And yet, many will say “things have changed and I can do nothing”.  Yes, you can do something. You can look at why the changes occur, figure out if they are changes you contributed to, decide if the changes are from other things such as health issues, medicines or their own stress or your own stress. Some changes are permanent and some are not and we do not want to make a permanent decision to walk away from something without understanding what is going on.

I have heard it said that when it comes to relationships, be it family, lover, spouse or friends that you never move on to another until you have finished dealing with the problems in the first because you will just have a relationship that is doomed to fail. Sometimes when we see people as changed, we never take time to ask ourselves why? Change in a person does not mean that the relationship has to change. It just means it evolves. I am a firm believer in refusing to change two things in my life without knowing first what has happened.  I never change my love for another or my loyalty to them without knowing is it them that has changed and why or is it me that has changed and why. I believe in the person I grew to know and love. If there are changes, I learn to stop and say “What is going on? What has happened to make the change? Is something health wise going on? Is the change me or them?” There is always a reason for change. I may distance myself to keep from getting hurt for I have cried the depths of despair over some people in my life but I do not just throw my hands up and say this is hopeless until I know that there is nothing that can be done to fix it.

Some things I can walk away from without blinking an eye. Some jobs if the change is too drastic, I could turn my back and walk away with ease. We just have to decide what is important. Some things we can only do what we know to do to help it such as in health changes. I can not change all that is wrong with me but I can change how I deal with it. I try to deal with my own health problems with compassion and understanding for it is my body dealing with them. And I try to deal with other people’s health problems with compassion and care for they can not always control their health issues.

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Change is inevitable. We all know that. Just keep reminding yourself that how you deal with it is YOUR choice. You can choose to throw your hands up in defeat, figure out why the change happened, try to understand the change, walk away from the change but whatever it is, make sure you have dealt with it all before you just abandon it. Because if you can walk way easily, it was not that important to begin with. And I can think of a few jobs, a few homes, etc that I walked away easily from as there was no attachment. Now when it comes t people, I do all I can to try to understand and see from all sides and not take it personally before I decide to just walk away. All change is not necessarily all good or all bad and we have to really no rush into a decision before we deal with it. We have to “act” not “react” to change for reactions are not based on facts but rather on emotions. If we do that, then if we decide to walk away from a situation, we can do it without regrets.


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