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What Kind of Day Are You Having?

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“Will today be an “I Want”   day or an “I can”  Day?”

Sitting in the doctor’s office yesterday, I saw this quote on an ad in a magazine and thought what a great quote.  It is one of those perception things as in how do you perceive your day.  Do you see your day in terms of all the things you want to do and can not have or do you perceive your day in all the things that you can still do?

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When I first started losing my health, all I could think about was all the things I still wanted to do and could no longer do. I wanted to run and play. I wanted to keep teaching. I wanted to do things with my kids. I wanted to be normal again. And I struggled with acceptance that this was it. And of course down through the years, more and more things came to be on that list of things I wanted to still do as I lost the ability to do so many things.

One day, I realized I needed to change my focus to the things I still could do and instead of saying “I want” to do this or that, or want this or that, I needed to change it to “I can” still do this and this and this. And as time passed, I realized what I was going through was grieving the loss of the things I have lost the ability to do.

All of life though can be seen through this quote. If we are constantly focusing on what we want and not on what we can have or can do, we can become filled with discontentment. What can I do in life?  I can choose to be happy no matter what happens in our lives. I can choose to love and enjoy those around me. I can choose to enjoy the things I can still do. All of these are positive things.

I can also choose to be miserable and choose to complain about everything. I can choose to be discontent because our lives are not what we want and can choose to push others away. When we choose either list, we have to be ready to accept the consequences.

We have learned to be happy no matter our circumstances and to feel blessed with what we have. Do we live in a fancy mansion?  Not hardly. We live in a small cottage house that slowly we are fixing up. And yet, no matter who comes to visit, no matter how wealthy they are do you know what they say to us?  We just love your house because there is so much warmth and love flowing through this house and the way you have it fixed makes it feel like we have come home. That is the greatest compliment that people could give us. And this is said as we sit in our tiny living room with everyone scooted up close or crowded around our table. We may not have fancy furniture and yet it does not seem to faze anyone that comes to visit.

So, we wake up every morning knowing we can feel love and warmth here,. We can enjoy cooking in this little kitchen as the smells permeate our home and we can enjoy the gardening in the back yard or sitting in the living room around the puzzle table working on a jigsaw puzzle.

We should not wake up thinking about all we want but should be3 thankful for all we have and can still do. Keep remembering folks….happiness is a state of being not an emotion. Joy is an emotion. Find your happy spot in your imperfect world for it is there.

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