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You Have To Fight The Brain Bombs

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Have you ever noticed that sometimes you can be making good choices and then things go wrong or you find yourself getting upset and do not follow through with the choice?  I call that “brain bombs”.  It can happen at any time and can change things in a very short amount of time. Our thoughts can affect our reality.


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Our thoughts can pull the rug right out from under us and hinder our progress. For example, you may have just gotten hired for a new job, or are going to a new school and are all excited at the change. Then the old brain bombs start dropping. Your mind races and you start thinking things like:  What if they do not like me? What if I can not do the work? What if my clothes look bad? What if I do something wrong? What if I make a mistake? And so your worrying starts putting the negative vibe on a wonderful opportunity you are about to embark on. And the more you try to get ready, the more upset you get and the worse you think you look. You have let your thoughts create a different reality than what it really is.

Another scenario is you are expecting your first child and have been so excited and have fixed the nursery and are due any day. Suddenly the brain bombs start and the race is on. What if I can not take care of the baby? What if I drop the baby? What if the baby hates me? What if the baby will not quit crying?  And you become so nervous that when you have the baby, the baby feels your stress and cries and cries. You have just created your own reality.

I have done this to myself many time in the past. I have let the brain bombs win. And then one day, I learned the value of answering my own brain bomb questions. And when the brain bombs start dropping, it goes a little like this:

What if no one likes me?   And I answer myself ” Someone will like me.”

What if I can not do the work?  I answer myself “I know how to do the work.”

What if my clothes look bad?  I answer myself “I have beautiful clothes.”

What if I do something wrong?   “Then I will redo it or fix it.”

I think you get the idea. For every negative, I answer myself with a positive to the negative. It is sort of like playing those computer games where the things zooms at you and you shoot it down. Shoot down your own brain bombs and reinforce yourself with positive.


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Our thoughts can create a whole scenario in our heads and before we know it, we have sabotaged something good from happening. And once the brain bombs start, if we do not shoot them down, they will soon be raining on us so hard that we may even give up and not even go to the new job or new school or date the new person, etc.  And those thoughts become reality before we know it. This is why we have to change our thought process and replace the negative with something more positive.

I have seen people do this with their health. They allow the brain bombs to control how they feel and they give up before they even have a chance to know if this or that will help. I tell myself all the time that I WILL walk again. My brain bombs try to tell me I never will and I shoot them down immediately with the words “I will do this.”  Our thoughts, our brain bombs can affect us so dramatically that our reality becomes our thoughts and if we think we will never get any better, we will not.


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The only way to counteract the brain bombs is to shoot them down as soon as they start. I get teased for being such a Pollyanna but I can tell you this. I am still here years later from when I could have let all these health issues take me out just from my brain bombs. I am still here fighting, never giving up and still finding joy in my life. How about you?  Are you fighting the brain bombs?

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