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Laughter: Use Several Times A Day

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I am a big believer in laughter and how it lifts the soul and makes the whole day seem so much better. I use laughter for part of my pain management because it helps me with my pain. I tell others often “Find things that make you laugh and laugh hard four times a day and call me in the morning.”


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Laughter is healing. I learned a long time ago that laughter releases endorphins into your body that help you with pain. Chocolate is good for that too. Laughing helps you to relax, relieves stress and just makes you feel better in general. It lifts our moods and when we feel better from laughing it promotes wellness in our bodies. Laughing does not mean that nothing is wrong. It is a physical response to something that we see or hear that hits that button inside that makes us laugh. Don not be afraid to laugh.

Have you ever laughed until you literally cried and thought “Oh,  that felt good!”.  The reason is because it relaxes you, it releases some of the stress and that makes you feel better.  When I can not sleep, I reach out on my table here and turn on a video that makes me laugh and it helps me get past the pain crisis enough that I can go to sleep. I loved the Reba Show for that reason. I would lay here giggling and laughing so hard that son would come to see why.

My son came in one morning and said “What in the world were you doing in here last night?  I could hear you laughing all the way to my room on the other side of the house.”   And when I told him what I was watching and that I was laughing so hard that at times no sound came out of my mouth, he totally got it. And I was able to finally drift back to sleep after watching the show and laughing until I cried. The laughter releases endorphins that help with pain.

Laughter also helps during times of extreme sadness and loss and can come at the least expected moment. Many people simply will not allow themselves to laugh or smile if something sad is happening or they are in extreme pain. They will clinch their jaws tight with corners of the mouth turned down and allow all that feeling to blaze across their face. It is good to laugh even when you are facing the loss of a loved one. It is a way of coping. And when in extreme pain, it is important to find things to smile about and laugh about for it helps send the right message to our brain.

Both of my sons and I have positive personalities. My son here knows when my pain is screeching because he knows me well. I may be smiling or even laughing but he recognizes the pain. If we really pay attention to people, we can tell when they are hurting, exhausted, sad, etc just by little signals. Of course, the obvious ones who frown all the time and will not laugh if their life depended on it are easy to see. But those that try to carry on in spite of the pain take us paying attention to recognize that they are trying to enjoy their life in spite of the pain or sadness.

There are things to bring joy, laughter and smiles if we look for them. That does not mean we have to laugh all the time. It means allow ourselves to laugh and smile so that it releases the endorphins that help our pain. Laughter is healing in many ways and if we pass on that laughter or those smiles, we unknowingly help someone else find the comfort of laughter and smiling and that helps what ever extreme stress or pain they were under at the time melt away for just a few minutes.

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