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Words are probably one of the most powerful things we have in life. Truces are made with words. Wars are started with words. Marriages are dissolved with words. Marriages are formed with words. Friendships are ended with words. Hearts are healed with words. People survive by words. Victims are made with words. Love is shared with words. Hatred is spread with words. And I could go on and on. Words are more powerful than most people realize.

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Our words make us and shape us. People will form opinions of us by our words and how we put those words into action. Our words will tell people if we are people of integrity or people willed with lies. They will show people if we are winners or losers and if we are survivors or victims. They will show people how strong we are or how weak we are. They will show people if we are spiritual or have no faith. They will tell people a lot about us.

Now, I could write every day about how I feel, how much pain I am in from muscle pain which is bad, joint and arthritis pain which is bad and from nerve pain from neuropathy and spinal stenosis which is horrific. I could tell you about being so sick that I can not think or eat, how I can not roll over without son to help me, how I live my life in a hospital bed with a gel mattress hooked to an oxygen hose and my room is my world and how I will be this way the rest of my life. But, I choose not to because I refuse to let all of this take my happiness and joy from me.

Words are powerful and the more you speak them, the more you give power to them. I do not believe in giving power to negative words or thoughts. Our minds can affect our health. They can cause us to have increased anxiety and make ourselves feel worse. They can set the tone for our whole life and can actually make people turn away from us instead of be there for us. People do not like constant negative anymore than I do. After a while it gets old when there is a choice we can make. We can choose how we deal with life and what it has given us.

I prefer to write about surviving, about finding the funny things in life, about the blessings I still have in my life and the things I can do and it is those words I prefer to give power to. I want my words and actions to be something that motivates someone and makes them say “OH heck yeah…I can do this”…and they keep fighting.

This is how powerful words are. I tried this as an experiment a couple of years back. It is human nature to group with those that think and talk like we do. So, first I started off doing the moaning and groaning about all that is wrong, how much pain I was in, how bad it was, etc.  And you know what I got? I got a group that would comment back to me with the same words. “Oh yes, I know just how you feel. I am down in bed too. I have nothing to live for. There is no good left”.   I was giving power to the negative and reinforcing the negative in others.

So, then I started writing about being a survivor and learning that you have choices and one is the choice in how you deal with life. And what did I get?  I got those that are survivors too or on the brink of being fighters and my words inspired their feelings of being a survivor and fighting to keep the joy in their lives and not the negative. So, our words attract those that are just like what we are saying. And I decided I would rather motivate those that are fighters to keep fighting, than motivate those that are victims to keep on being a victim.

Whether we like it or not, we are a role model for someone. We may never know the person but there are people who watch what we do and look to us as a role model. What do we want to be modeling? Do we want to model being a victim?  Or do we want to model being a survivor?  Do we want to model someone who has chosen to handle life with joy or do we want to model someone who complains all the time about how bad it is? That is how powerful words are. We can inspire and motivate but what is it that we are inspiring or motivating?  I want to inspire and motivate people to keep fighting, to not give up, to realize they have choices and one choice is to deal with what life hands us in a positive way.

And this is why I watch shows that have people who are worse than I am because it keeps me in perspective. And that is where “at least it is not the sixty pound tumor” phrase came from.  People with sixty pound tumors are in way worse shape than I am here right this minute. People dying of cancer are in worse shape than I am now. People who have been mangled in car wrecks are in worse shape than I am. And so I look around me and I see that if I look at what those worse than me are going through, then I am able to keep my health issues in perspective and not allow myself to go into victim mode and try to make everyone see how bad I am. I do not need to prove to anyone how bad I am. I only need to prove what a survivor I am. And with my words, I hope to send out the energy and healing that positive words can do to others that are in bad shape.

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  1. Words, sounds, thoughts do have power. And they can’t be called back. Mindful usage is uplifting.
    And you are right, you never know about someone else – as isolated as the modern world has become, it is very true that what ever you speak to someone may be the only language that person hears from another human being all day.Strive to no flatter, speak truth, but encouragement that life is worth living and good. There always something positive even on the worst of days.
    Inspirational post to ponder

    Comment by philosophermouseofthehedge | January 27, 2016 | Reply

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