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The “What If” Card

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Dreaming is one of the most enjoyable pastimes one can have but many dreams never come to fruition and the reason for that is what I call the “what if” card.

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Even as children, we can pull the what if  card.  A child can say things like “What if I fail?”, “What if I do not make the team?”, “What if she turns me down?”, “What if I do not like it?” and I could go on and on with the what if’s.  I personally believe until we can answer those what if questions in a fairly reasonable way, we will hold on to that card and never step out and try to go for our dreams.

Ok, “What if I fail?”.  Well, if you fail, you get up and try again and again. If it just will not work, you change to something close to what your dream was. “What if you do not make the team?”  Truth of the matter is not everyone that goes out for a team makes it and we have to accept the loss and learn to deal with it.  “What if he or she turns me down?”  Well, then you know to ask someone else. Life is about learning to deal with the good things as well as the painful things.  “What if I do not like it?”  Well, now you know. You will never know if you do not try.


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As adults we tent to focus more on the financial when it comes to following dreams. “What if we go for it and we can not reach our goal?”  Well, then you keep working for the goal. “What if we lose everything?”  They are just things and can be replaced.  “What if those around me get mad if I go for my dream?”  They can get glad in the same pants they got mad in. And I am talking circular family not the immediate..person and their partner.

Working towards your dreams comes down to one basic thing. How much are you willing to give up to have your dream? We were lucky in that son and I both had the same type of simplify life, to move to the mountains and to live with less stress. What if we lost everything?  Truth be known, we lost a lot of money selling the house on the other side of the mountain due to the economy,  but were fortunate in that we had just enough to get this little house we live in and we love it. The important thing was that we did not let things keep us from dreaming. Anything we had could be replaced at some date but our dream never could be.

As you go through life and think about things you want to do, think about your dreams or that bucket list and ask yourselves how many times do you pull the “What if” card?  And if you find you are doing it a lot, sit down and write those “what if” questions down and then start answering them. Life is not a dress rehearsal and we do not get a second chance. Do not let the “what if” card keep you back from having your dream(s) come true. Do not let the “what if” card keep you from doing things.

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