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“Sometimes we can’t choose the path we are on, but we can choose how we walk it”

The quote above was made by a man who spent 16 years in prison for a crime he did not commit and was finally found innocent and  released. He was asked how he endured and his response was the quote above. He endured by choosing to walk the path of an innocent person and to keep that his focus.

I am not sure how I would have done had I been sent to prison that long for something I did not do but I love what he said. We do not always choose the path we are on but it is our choice how we walk that path. We can let it make us or break us. Mandela said much the same thing. He refused to let prison bring him down and so he forgave and kept looking forward.

I did not choose to become disabled but how I “walk the path” is up to me. I can either lay back and whine and cry or I can keep moving forward, finding joy in life and living life to the fullest.  That is my choice and I choose the latter. The negative, unforgiving, anger, hatred and all those other emotions bring us down and they eat away the inside of us. Remember when the power goes off and stays off for hours and when it comes back on we feel such joy?  Choosing to see the good does that. It keeps the light on and keeps us filled with joy.

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All through life, people will have events that they did not choose to have, will be on a path they did not choose and so how they handle it is how their life will be.  People do not consciously choose to be poor, come from broken homes, lose their jobs, their homes, lose loved ones, fall ill, become disabled, have car wrecks, be in fires or any other traumatic experience. We just simply do not choose these things. That would be sadistic and cruel to ourselves. So, If we do not choose to have these bad things happen to us, why would we choose to increase the sadness and pain and sorrow when we can choose to see the good things?

And you will see some people who make it through these things and seem to find joy. You will see some who come through but feel bitter or angry and you will see some who never make the effort to get through them. And they do not make it.  It is all about the choice and what we choose to hold on to and what we choose to keep in the front of our lives.

The man wrongly convicted that I mentioned above, could have become a hardened criminal and done things that kept him in prison but he chose a different path.  And that path brought him back out of that hell and to his family. And even when we think it is not,  it is our choice how we walk whatever path we are on. This man forgave everyone. See, if we harbor anger and resentment, it is carrying baggage around. When we forgive, we are releasing it and moving on. It is not saying what someone did is right. It is saying I will not allow this to hinder my life anymore.

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I know sometimes people say “take the high road” meaning to be the good guy and ignore what happened.  Sometimes I think this works but I think choosing to walk a path that makes our life stay on a good track is more than just giving into everyone to not rock the boat.  I think it is standing up for yourself, speaking out when something is wrong, stepping up to the plate and doing the right thing, remaining positive when it seems to be so negative, seeing the good that is out their instead of becoming devoured by the evil and ugliness and the list goes on. Just being able to express the things that happen helps us. It gives a sense of validation.And why not say “Well, that was pretty crappy.”  and then moving on to the good things we still have?

So, how is your path today?  Are you on the path you want?   If not, why have you not changed it?

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  1. Darlene, you will have to unsub yourself. I can not do it because you signed up. Does it come by email? If it does look at the very bottom to see if it says to “unsub” click here. Hate to see you go.

    Comment by danLrene ©2011 | February 17, 2016 | Reply

  2. Actually I think I am. It hasn’t been a easy winter but I am doing ok. I fell on the ice the day before CHristmas. I fractured my shoulder. I missed Christmas as we were to leave to go see my daughter in WI . I have tried to go to the pool the first two weeks. I have to say it was a mistake. I didn’t know then it was fractured because X-rays didn’t show it. So when I learned I have stayed home wire a sling. The Sr. Felt it wil, heal I have taken to walking the halls and doing what I can. I finally was able to go to the therapist yesterday he said I am doing very well. He gave me exercises and will do them some are not that hard but some movements need more work.I could have sat and felt just bad and upset about Christmas and all but didn’t. I have had worse things no broken bones and pulled through before. I know your life has been very hard yet you persevere
    Love Darlene

    Comment by Darlene Harrison | February 6, 2016 | Reply

    • Oh Darlene, I hate to her that. I pray you are healing well. You are a strong person too and been through so much. We just keep hanging on don’t we hon. Hugs and love to you and so glad to see you on here.

      Comment by danLrene ©2011 | February 7, 2016 | Reply

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