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“You May Be [Chronically ill, disabled, blind, deaf, poor, jobless, homeless, etc}.. But It Is Your Choice To Be Useless”

I heard this quote last night on television and it actually said “You may be blind but it is your choice to be useless” and I was blown away by it. I know, I know, there I go again with the choice word but life is full of choices and sometimes we make bad ones and sometimes we make good ones and thank God, we can still make choices. But, when we choose to label ourselves as useless and quit trying, we are sealing our fate.

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I have heard disabled, chronically ill, homeless, etc people say that about themselves and it simply does not have to be true. I have met the most honorable people, the most talented people and caring people who were homeless or poor or disabled, whatever.. Those are situations or things that happen to us but have nothing to do with what is in our hearts and mind and our souls. It has nothing to do with being useless unless you choose to be useless.

I believe this quote fits  life in general. We may be poor, without a job, homeless, arrested, chronically ill, disabled, blind, deaf and the list could go on and that may be out of our control, but it is our choice in deciding we are useless or pathetic or whatever.  And when we opt to choose to label ourselves useless, pathetic or any other adjective, we are making a choice that not only affects us but those around us.  And choices go both ways. We also have the choice to decide that we are here for a reason and have a use in life and work towards that use. Just because you became chronically ill or disabled or jobless, etc does not mean that the talents and the brain power you have is gone.

When things happen to us in life, they do not just happen to us but to those that love us and care about us. When someone loves that means they care about what happens to the one they love and they are invested in them.  And when we choose to place a label on ourselves that diminishes our very being such as useless and pathetic, those around us are affected. We teach people how to treat us by how we treat and think of ourselves. If we think we are useless then so will other people.

Those labels are placing new dimensions on our character and our soul and can become self-prophesying. No matter what happens to us, we are here for a reason. We do have a purpose. Life may have changed  but that does not mean it ends.

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Allow the mantra…”I may be [insert word that fits you] but it is my choice to be useless” to run through your head. As long as we are alive, we can think, we can smile, laugh, cry and communicate with others and we have a use. No matter our situation in life, we do have choices. They may not be the choices we planned for ourselves but they are choices.  Life is a choice and our choices can mold what our life is like.

I started writing this blog five years ago because I am chronically ill and disabled and I wanted to serve a use. I thought to myself that if I could just inspire one person to keep fighting and keep going, then I have been useful. I do not get paid for this. Many equate useful with how much money they receive. That is not true. Being useful means you serve a purpose and what you have to offer is still needed. You just have to find a way to put your usefulness to work. I am a person of faith and I believe God created me. I also believe He has me here for a reason so I can not tell myself or anyone else that I am useless.

It may be our kids that make us realize we are still useful and needed here. It may be our family or our spouse or friends or even our pets.  Tell yourself “I have something to offer this world”. It may be volunteering to work at the schools or the library or volunteering to read to children at your home or visiting those we can not get out. Whatever it is, it is needed. If you do not believe in your usefulness, please know that I believe in your usefulness. My aunt I call Mama has a very important use. Besides her own kids and grand kids, she took on being my mama and I need her and value her.

Value yourself and believe in yourself. Find what you love to do and go for it. I work on genealogy and that is a use for me. I am creating a book of my poetry and that is a use for me. These things give me incentive to get up in the morning and to feel like I am still needed here. No matter what all you may go through, know that someone needs  you and values you. We all need to feel like we are here for a purpose. And we are. Just take time to write down all you want to do, what your dreams are no matter your age, what interests you and what you love to do. You will find you are here for a purpose. Writing became my job when I became disabled and it inspires me to get up daily and to find things to write about. And you have not lost your use simply because you lost your job, your home, your car, your children, your health, etc. Choose to find your purpose.

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