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Before I start on dreams, I want to answer questions several of you have asked me and that is:  Why do I reveal so much of myself and my inner being. Why do I hare my experiences with you all? I write like I talk and I think that you all have figured that out by now. But, I share myself because life can be tough and I feel like if others see that someone else has gone through things and is opening up about them, then they do not feel so alone with whatever is weighing them down.

I am a survivor and a thriver. I bloom where I am planted and I fight to make sure that my little corner here in my heart of happiness is not trampled on.  And if I can share my experiences and inspire someone else, then I am willing to do it. Life is hard enough and when we read something and say “Oh man, I know how she feels because” or “Wow, she is talking about me right now”, then it helps make people feel a commonality and that in turn gives us strength.  It is sort of like when two kids are going to go check out a scary place or room and they grab hands. Together they feel stronger and I think when we unite with each other even on an emotional level, we feel stronger.

So, today I am talking about dreams. I watched “Grey Gardens” the movie and the one theme of it was that both women had dreams and those dreams were taken from them for very different reasons and so they improvised with what they had.  They became survivors in the worst of situations. It may not be what we personally want but for them it was a life of singing and dancing which were their loves.

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I believe dreams are what give us a reason to keep going. Will all my dreams come true? I am sure that some will not but it is so wonderful to lay here when the pain is high and dream of going back to Italy or dream of seeing the fence in the back yard completed and son’s workshop built. My dream for a high  fence to be built and then to have it painted with a look of landscape is something I want  so that when I sit on the patio in my power chair, I see flowers and trees and plants no matter if we are in a drought or not. I dream that one of those shows on landscaping that goes around and surprises people and does their whole yard comes to our house and landscapes and builds the fence. 🙂 Who knows, dreams can come true you know.

I remember being told as a child that I was a dreamer and was punished for it by parents and by teachers. No one stopped to see how to take that part of me and channel it like it should be. And it is my dreams that helped me survive and be the person I am today.  I believe dreaming is what keeps us going especially when things are tough, like with chronic illness or disabilities or big losses. But, also dreaming just in general gives us something to work towards. Son and I dreamed of moving out here and living with less stress. Yes, we had to work for it. It took us a year to raise the money to move and to pack. And it took us two years before moving to pay off our debts. But, we did it and we made it here and we have our little house in a little town that is away from the pressures of hectic city life.

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I have had people tell me that they dream of doing like we did but are afraid to do it. I ask them what is the most that could happen if they stepped out and went for their dream and their response is “We could lose what we have now”.  My answer is that those things are only possessions.  You can replace those. We got rid of so many things to accomplish this dream and we have all we need to live here in our dream.  I learned that the more possessions you have, the more stressful it is.  Sometimes you sacrifice to have your dream and if your dream is really driving you, then giving up things will not matter.

Dream dreams of the things you want in life. Dreams continue and new dreams pop up like us wanting the back fence up, but do not stop dreaming because that is what gives us the incentive to keep working. Dreaming is not only inspiring it is uplifting.  I dream of Italy during the worst pain times and it distracts me from my pain and it gives me great joy. We also dream of what we want done to the house and the yard and we work to make those dreams come true. Dreams do not normally happen out of the blue. We have to work for them.

So my words today are whatever you do, do not let anyone trample on  your dreams. They are yours and you have the right to have them and foster them. Work for your dreams and do not give up on a dream coming true. My dreams are still here and until I am no longer on this earth is when I know the dream will not happen. I will not give up on my dreams until that time. And please, do not give up on your dreams either. Make your bucket list and work on it. Things come in the most awesome way. Just look at my red high heels that were on my bucket list written right above meet Dr. Phil in person and I got those red heels. So, never give up on what you dream about. You never know when it can happen.

dare to dream

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  1. ok dan I saw your answer and it disappeared but I think I understand. and thanks on the well wishes on the surgery. I will be glad when it is over cause another one is after it. 🙂

    Comment by danLrene ©2011 | February 15, 2016 | Reply

  2. For what it’s worth, your post was particularly empowering today. The unvarnished Spirit that comes through is refreshingly free of varnish or Pablum. I remain a big fan that has been remiss in saying so. Soldier on Sojourner. You’re so not alone.
    Dan in Chicago

    Comment by dan4kent | February 15, 2016 | Reply

    • Thank you Dan. That is all it takes for me to smile is to know one person found the post a good one. 🙂 carry on soldier 🙂

      Comment by danLrene ©2011 | February 15, 2016 | Reply

    • also Dan, please forgive me for being slack on your blog. I am facing surgery in two weeks and just trying to get blogs up so my son can post for me and resting a log. But know that I will be reading. What i have read I like but how do you comment?

      Comment by danLrene ©2011 | February 15, 2016 | Reply

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