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The Block

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The Block

He was just a child when she lost him

suddenly one day he was gone

she struggled to find answers

wondering what went wrong

she wanted to believe he was still here

like everyone kept saying was true

that the touch on her arm when she shed a tear

was really him saying please do not be blue

how was she to know for she could not see

was it just her eyes playing tricks today?

do little boys grow up out there?

somewhere in the galaxy far away?

Can he feel her heart full of care?

Is that him she hears when she is alone?

Does he know she wants to touch his face

Or just once call him on the phone?

she finds his colored pictures on the counter just so

She hears his favorite music from his bedroom door

just something that shows her how close he is

yet, she strains, she yearns for just a little more

one day she thought she saw him playing on the floor

with his blocks and cars scattered out

she thought it was a dream until she found the block

and her heart began to shout

He is here….he is here…I know it is true

for I saw him playing just so

sometimes it takes more than uttered words

for our hearts to really know

© danLrene

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