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The Importance Of Our Attitude

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“The greater part of our happiness or misery depends on our disposition and not on our circumstances.”
— Martha Washington

This quote says it all but I wanted to write on this because the quote just jumped out at me. A friend on Facebook had posted it and it says exactly what I try to tell people. I hear people tell me all the time  “You are much worse than so and so but you seem to be doing so well and are so happy”.  I tell them it is all in attitude. I choose to be happy and I choose to look for the positive and that makes a world of difference. I might be almost totally bed bound, can not do a lot of things others can and yet, I am happy because I choose to be.

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I want to relate a story that happened during three of the four trips I had for radio frequency ablation a while back.  There was this same older couple every time. One was the man having the RFA and he was obviously in pain, could barely walk,  but he was like me, laughing and talking in spite of the pain.  And then there was his female companion who could get around better than him and yet she sat there with her mouth turned down, complaining the whole time and was in general not a pleasant person to be around. And she will probably die a bitter old lady because in her eyes, life is bad, pathetic, unpleasant and you could not make her happy if you wanted to. She is determined to be unhappy and will counter everything and anything positive you say with a negative.

When he walked out from the RFA and said it was like his pain was taken instantly, she looked up with that sour look and bitterly spat out “well, I am not having it done. They can just keep giving me pain pills”.  And uncrossed her legs, stood up and turned and started walking away with a cane that was doing more swinging than touching the floor. And the man turned to me and said with a smile for me not to worry, it would be alright.  I did not tell him this was my second round. I just smiled and thanked him. And he turned to slowly hobble down the hallway with a smile on his face telling people how much better he was after the RFA. The female had left  him way behind but he did not care as his pain was better even though he struggled to walk. That is the difference in attitude and he was and will live a happier life and do better than someone who has the negative complaining attitude.

I want to clarify what a positive, happy person is.  A positive, happy person can still have down times. We can still cry. We can have days where the pain is so intolerable we can not move. I was that way last night as my leg pain got so intense that I could barely catch my breath and son was trying to help me get more comfortable. I cried tears of anguish at that moment. But a short time later after getting a little relief from meds, I was smiling and talking to him.

The difference is our attitude gets us back up and going at a lot quicker because we are feeding our bodies with positive vibes. We may be in high pain but we still see good. We see life as good in spite of how sick we are, how poor we are…whatever. We still see good. Negative people keep themselves in a blue funk depressive state..never see anything good in life, will isolate themselves and others find it hard to be around them and so they feel unloved and their bodies react in a negative way. Negativity affects your whole body, not just your attitude. It can affect your heart, your blood pressure, your stomach, etc. Attitude plays such an important part of living happy.

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I could not say it any better than this image above. Whether you think you can or think you can not, YOU will be right.  So, if you have a negative attitude and speak in negative terms, your life becomes negative in behavior and that will be your life. And,  if you have a positive attitude…and you speak in positive terms..then your behavior will be positive and that can become a habit worth keeping.

I will be having pre-op this week and surgery next week. I am working to have blogs my son can post for me but may miss a day or two. 🙂

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