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First let me answer the questions. This is simply danLrene’s son. Yes, Mom came through surgery really well. They did three procedures on her and it will take her a few weeks to recuperate but she is hanging in there pretty well and sleeping a lot. They removed the tubes and took out the stitches and now it is just healing time and quiet time. She really does not feel like doing much so I am going to post the blogs she has ready for the next days.

This morning she wanted me to post a blog for her and we both thought this one was so cute as it was written shortly after we got our Daisy three years ago. We hope you enjoy as it made us both laugh remembering. This vlog is from 2013 exactly three years ago today.

Some Days

Some days it can feel like you are in the twilight zone. I was laying here taking a little nap with Daisy laying beside me. I laid my dentures on a napkin on the little side table. I am not sure how long I slept but when I woke up…Daisy was sitting on my chest and looked like this. And yes, this is a picture I created to show what she looked like.

daisy denturesI laid there looking at her with big eyes trying to get my brain to go in gear. I thought maybe I was still dreaming and was seeing some alien Daisy or that my meds were messing with me. And then I realized that she had my dentures in her mouth. I was afraid to yell for son. I was almost afraid to move but I realized I had to before she broke them with here little teeth. They were laying stacked on top of each other just like you see them with the bottom ones upside down and that is how she picked them up.

Meanwhile, still thinking I must be delusional or something, I gently got hold of her and took them out of her mouth. And then I started laughing and could not stop and she thought it was funny and started chasing her tail and jumping around. After I got over the silly giggles, I thought ”Oh my gosh, that was close and scary too”.  I took them to the bathroom for a good sterile soak. And now she keeps trying to get my mouth with kisses and I told her “Ohhh,  no mam, you are not getting them again.”  I am still giggling about this and will for some time.

Oh, and someone asked me why we got a dog from back in NC. Well,  the reason is that we are southerners and we needed a southern dog so that she would understand when we called  “Daisy Mae, ya’ll come here now..ya hear”

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