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Broken Connections And The Web Of Life

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I believe that there is an eternal connection that all living things have in this world and that we have with mother nature.  All living things have a connection because we are alive and we depend on each other for different things. But, I believe there is an even deeper connection…a spiritual connection that joins us in a special way. We can not live without water or oxygen or food and plants and animals need the same type of things. But, we also can not live without that connection on the spirit level.

The old ones predicted what is happening in our world today and all the changes. We have lost our connection to the earth. We come from the earth and yet now we abuse and mistreat the earth and the animals there. And many mistreat the people here. The connection is broken and people do not see the value of life, of the living, of the world and the forces there in. I consider water a moving force and the wind as they are both moving things that our Creator put here. There is a quote that says a country can be judged by how they treat their animals and I have yet to see a country that passes this test. The Native Americans predicted the shape the world is in a long time ago and if we do not find our way back, the world will die on us.

I love sitting in malls or in the park and watching the people there but the last few years what I saw was so few that were actually happy. I saw people disconnected, people with walls up and people with agendas. I saw people who never saw anything good in their world, who spoke with words of negativity constantly and who had narrowed their world to this small square of angst, hurt, anger, pain, sorrow and isolation. People sit next to each other and do not even speak to each other. The connection is broken.

“As children and adults get sucked into cyberspace more and more each day, there is a growing disconnect with the natural world — a trend that is alarmingly negative. We as a species depend on the ecosystem services of the ecosphere. As much as some of us might believe, we do not depend on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, television or online gaming to keep us alive.”  Jeff Sayre

Somehow, some way we have lost the knowledge that we depend on,  the earth, the ecosystem and the spiritual connection and we seem to keep mutilating it. Not a day goes by that we do not read of animals being tortured, mistreated and killed. Not a day goes by that we do not read of some place in the world where due to “technological advancements”  we have screwed up the environment and mother nature is rebelling against us with storms and floods and other natural disasters. The connection is broken.

And on  personal level, families are broken apart, children are abandoned, babies are killed, families do not speak, abuse happens, and with cyberspace, we are isolating ourselves more and more as if we think this earth can live on if we never see nature again. There is a connection that comes from knowing we are all from this earth and all from one huge family and that connection is broken. And yet, here we are with our faces in computers and I-Phones  and no real face to face connection.

I hear people say they never speak to this person or families that never speak again, friends that were so close that quit speaking and this connection broken is the saddest to me. For the consequences are so damaging. We as a culture have lost the ability to listen. We are so busy talking and trying to prove we are right that we never hear what the other person is saying to us. And so, the connection remains broken.

“If we continue to move mentally and emotionally farther away from those systems on which we truly depend, then we will fail to appreciate our intimate dependence on and connection to the rest of the world. Our existence may be enriched and extended by our artificial creations, by our technologies, but we must not forget that we are part of a larger Web, we are part of the original Web – the Web of Life.”

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