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Love People Enough To Tell Them The Truth

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When I saw this, I thought oh my, what awesome words. I have always tried to be honest with those I love and so if any of the people I know have gotten mad because I was honest with you, please remember this. I had enough love and belief in you to be honest with you and I believed that you were person enough to handle it. That is a lot of love. See, I believe that when you lie you are telling the person you lie to that they are not worth the truth. The truth does not have to be harsh or ugly. It can be gentle.

Do not let fear make you be someone who lies or who will not answer truthfully when asked. If someone gets mad and will not speak to you because you told the truth, then that tells you something about the other person. I also believe that when we avoid standing up for what is right and speaking the truth, we are complacent. And being complacent makes us complicit. Honesty will set you free. I think that is one thing that bothers me during election time. All the lies told from so many directions. Does it bother you that politicians think you are not worth the truth?

And when we get mad because someone  loves us enough to be honest with us, we need to ask ourselves these questions. Are we mad at the honesty or the fact that someone dared to tell us the truth even when it was telling us what we were doing was wrong?  That is a pretty tough question is it not? Are we mad because we are like the child who got caught with the hand in the cookie jar and now others will know or are we mad because we do not like honesty.

I believe the best gift I can give those I love is honesty for then there is no confusion, no middle ground, nothing except the truth between us. I had a friend back east some years back who was going to pretend to be having a fling with a friend of her boyfriends to make him jealous. I told her I thought she was wrong, that it was deceptive and it would really mess up her relationship. She got mad because I would not support her in this and help and she quit speaking to me.  She also lost her boyfriend because someone else told him the truth after a long time and he told his girlfriend that he could not stand liars and manipulators.

I loved her enough to tell her the truth knowing full well that the friendship might end. But, I could not keep a friendship based on fake or lies or anything else. I still love her.  If we really love someone, we are honest. We do not agree just because we do not want them mad, or we want to be liked or any other reason. We agree when we believe it to be right and only then. I had someone tell me a while back that if you disagreed with what a friend was doing then you were not a friend and no way could you love them. I said you know what, I disagree with things my sons do and I love them dearly and they disagree with things I do and they still love me. That is part of life and love.

Being truthful does not mean you have to be a bad ass bitch about it. It means telling someone the truth in as gentle a way as possible. Sometimes it means saying absolutely I will not go along with that. And sometimes, it means walking away. But, if you can not be truthful with those you love, then how can you be truthful with yourself? My sons know I have not always agreed with things they have done and they have not always agreed with things I have done, but we have always loved each other. When you lie to a friend or loved one, you tell them that they are not worth the truth.

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  1. Your name crossed my mind tonight. Didn’t plan on it. It just did. If my calculations are right, you should be past surgery by now. Did it help? The older I get the more I wonder at how much I knew as a little kid…like coincidence rarely being accidental. You help me frame that. Having your post ‘fall into my lap’ tonight was not intentional…but I don’t think it was coincidence. The good stuff rarely is. Well done.
    Until then,

    Comment by dan4kent | March 31, 2016 | Reply

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