Where Has All The Kindness Gone?

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I bet you all thought I had disappeared again. Well, I had not but I had some really horrible things I saw and read about that just tore my heart in two. I needed time to think about how I wanted to write this. Kindness is something free we can give away to everyone and yet lately I see so much hate, anger, and just plain maliciousness that I have laid here for two days thinking about the things I saw and read. Where has self-respect gone? Where has kindness to mankind and the animal kingdom gone? Where has compassion, love, charity, willingness to step up to the plate to do what no one else is doing gone?

Let me share a few of the things I saw and read over the past few days. One is a sweet couple who were so excited about the birth of their third child. And then, the mother had a miscarriage. I think we all know how some people just think they can say anything online no matter if it is hurting someone or attacking them. And some did say inappropriate things that were hurtful to her. I wish there was a way to help people realize that someone who just lost their child to miscarriage does not need to be told to “suck it up” and other things. In reality, though these next people mean well, telling someone who just lost a child “well you have two other children” is not right. Those two children do not take the place of the child lost. And I sat with tears in my eyes watching people say things that were really mean. I do not mean the one about “Well you have two other children” for that is just not knowing what to say. Best advice I can give you on that is just simply say “I am so sorry” for that says it all. They do not need to hear everyone’s miscarriage story or that they should be happy they still have two kids or they can always get pregnant again. Just say I am so sorry for your loss.

This next thing just blew me away. Whether you think transgender is wrong or not, abusing someone who is transgender is wrong. WRONG. What this woman said was horrific and then she proceeded to physically attack the transgender person. And what does she say to all this? That people should not judge what she said and did because people do not know the shoes she walks in. The video link is in the third little paragraph but be forewarned there is some of the most nasty, evil and cruel things that are said on this video. And this transgender person is afraid to report it to the police. I hope someone else does. If we do not like how someone lives, why not just try keeping it to ourselves instead of such hate and ugliness. Why create even more division.


And then it topped off with a woman wanting to argue with me on whether a 14-year-old is a child or a woman. Sorry folks, but in my book, it is still a child. And this particular child has suffered cancer 7 times since she was 5. I mean seriously why argue over something like that when we are all there praying that this child makes it through the cancer this time and the bone marrow transplant. I mean she has already lost her childhood with all the treatments and surgery. All I could think was “Is your heart so concerned over proving someone else is wrong for calling her a child that you can not see the suffering this child is enduring?”  Where has the kindness gone? My reply to her was that this was not something that should be argued over and that we all need to stay focused on the child and praying for her.

My heart has railed and cried over these incidents and many more that seem to happen daily in our country and our world. People are not even allowed to have an opinion. If you do not agree with some people they will beat you to pieces verbally. And so, I have sat with it for a couple of days just me and the Lord asking Why? Why? Why? And as the Lord always does, the peace came to me in a video showing me there are still good people in this world and we have to start spreading the kindness and compassion. Just watch this video and you will understand.

And all I can say now is to encourage people to stand up for what is right and to spread the kindness. Did you notice in the video at the top showing the woman who was so hateful on that subway that not one person stood up and told her to stop. Not one. We may not can change the whole world but we can change our corner of the world.

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  1. Too much arguing, too much gossiping, too much finding amusement in other people’s misfortune of failures, too much tattle-tailing, too much feeling so important on social media (and believing what is on FB is real), too much desperately trying for attention, too much feeling of entitlement at the expense of others. Too much poking noses into other people’s business and trying to tell them how to run their lives. Too much of being afraid to say what needs to be said/the truth because someone might think you are a bad person.
    Too little willingness to listen without commenting or contradiction. Too little real debate based on facts not emotion. Too little agree to disagree and still be friends. Too little willingness to accept that it’s behavior that causes problems, not skin color. Too little live and let live. Too little of treat others as you wish to be treated.
    Children growing up now will have such a difficult time in the future without what used to be ordinary commonsense and manners taught to all at a young age. Without patterns and gentle guidance to fall back upon in difficult times or uncertainty, they may be lost.

    Comment by philosophermouseofthehedge | May 16, 2016 | Reply

  2. Sometimes I despair about what is happening in the world, all care and compassion for anyone and everything seems to have gone. On the other hand, and this may sound harsh though I don’t mean it to, but social media enables people to communicate things that formerly would have been unknown outside their immediate caring circle of family and friends – This does not excuse the heartless and cruel folk out there – but why broadcast your private misfortune to the world and risk inviting such cruelty?

    Comment by Libby | May 13, 2016 | Reply

    • I think two reasons Libby. One is social media. People have been led to believe that being open in social media is the way to go and share all your info. We can thank FB and it’s creator for that. I have a small FB with about 30 close friends and family. My info that they keep trying to get me to fill out says “I am a very private person who does not wish all my info to be on the internet” and I have privacy settings so high that no one but those close friends and family can see what I post. The other is that people are naive and do not realize how many ruthless people are out there and how many will go to all efforts to hunt up information including their address and workplace. We should know that because of how the crazies come out of the woodwork for movie stars but a whole new level of people who hide behind anonymous profiles have been bred that think they can attack and then can go on to cause problems at workplaces and go to the people’s houses and damage their property not just their hearts. One person had death threats to his kids left on doorstep. He has since gone to a gated entrance to where he lives but the danger is still there. Many people don’t follow the “stars” and so are naive to what people will and can do. A big thing now is the pedophiles and perverts using social media to get at kids. No matter how many times you try to warn some people they think it is all hype until their child’s photo is discovered on a pedophile’s website and yes the authorities close the site but those perverts still have their child’s picture. Or it hits home when their child goes missing and is found with an adult who wants them for sex but pretended to be a person their child’s age to get to them. I think the biggest reason is naiveness but there are some that just don’t care and put their info out there. And yet, I can assure you if you use social media and FB requires your real name which some get by for a while without using it…that people could find where you live in about fifteen minutes or pay 99 cents and get the info. It is a scary world we live in. And sadly most of the people on social media are young, inexperienced people and the rest are older people naive to the ways of social media and so they just post away …that is until they are hurt so badly. The transgender person did not want their name out there because they knew how they would be treated but the “media” put it out there anyway. I despair because even if we have the ability to say and do such ugly things, we SHOULD have the conscience not to. Also I blame a lot on parents for 80 percent of the ones viewing and commenting on daily vloggers youtube sites are tweens (8-12 years old) and are young teens and teens. Why on earth would a parent allow their child to watch some of these vlogs as they are totally inappropriate and the kids just want to start a vlog and get rich and drop out of school and get pregnant. I ask often do parents even attempt to know what their child is doing on the internet and how they are carrying those smartphones with them and going to the bathroom to watch the vlogs and comment? And I know that because the child admits it on their own pages. Why does a tween or teen need an Iphone? And the answer I always get is well they might need to call us in an emergency. Well fine then..get them a cheap no apps phone to carry. Anyway…enough of my rant but I hope you did get the naive part and young part.

      Comment by danLrene ©2011 | May 13, 2016 | Reply

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