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The Last Dance

The Last Dance

With wisps of hair across her beautiful face

Tears on her cheeks your finger could trace

She stood there with head bowed in humble prayer

Feeling as if she were the only one that cared

She closed her eyes and listened once more

To the music that always drew her to the door

The music rose in tempo and sound

She knew her time was coming around

Was her dream to dance just one last dance

And she knew tonight was her only chance

Rising on toes, she danced across the stage

Her body tensing up for the very next page

As she jumped to twirl up in the air

She suddenly felt his hands right there

He lifted her higher than she had ever flown

And twirled and danced  better than she had ever known

He molded himself to her as if one

And remained there lifting her until the dance was done

The applause thundered and echoed around the room

And she felt as if life had just started to bloom

As the sounds died down, she smiled with tears

Not being able to dance was one of her fears

Then she opened her eyes and looked around

Oxygen hoses and hospital beds are what she found

As she glanced down she saw her toes pointed down

And she knew only her attitude kept her bed bound

No matter what happened she could dance so free

She just had to close her eyes and the stage she would see

danLrene  2013

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On The Wings Of An Eagle

This poem came to me during one of my sickest times where I was in the bed and sleeping a lot. It seemed like over and over I had this dream of flying on the wings of an eagle and it lifted me even though I could barely raise my head. And for some reason it helped me through those really tough days and so it is a very special poem to me. So, as you read it, try to get in the moment and feel it. Pretend it is you on wobbly legs walking to the edge to fly with the eagles.

On The Wings Of An Eagle

Standing ready, she closes her eyes listening for the sound

She raises arms to the heavens as she edges forward til her toes curl round

The moon beats down upon her face and the glow warms her from within

She lets her eyes follow the mountains as they curve around the bend

She is barefoot in splendid wonder, her cotton gown clinging to her knees

The whiteness of the cotton gown slowly rippling like fog amongst the trees

Her hair flows like dark rivers over her shoulders in layers of earthy brown

There is no fear within her as she again raises her face listening for the sound

The moon,a glowing beacon, risen from the tree line like a goddess in the sky

She heard her softly say “come darling, follow me, it is once again time to fly

She found herself walking on legs long withered and broken as she rose to obey

she felt no pain , the moons glow wound round her legs in soothing play

She grew excited with anticipation for she had heard the call many times before

Silently moving through the house until she finally reached the exit door

Her breathing was shallow, a smile upon her lips as she quietly eased outside

She stood looking to the moon nodding she was coming,the door left open wide

Now, she stood with toes curled upon the ledge and her arms raised ready to fly

Not one drop of fear around, she waited only for that sound of the familiar cry

She hears them in the distance, the echo of eagle’s cries float into her ears

She raises up on tiptoes, with arms open wide and steps off the cliff with no fear

Falling downward she smiles knowing the softness of the landing will be sweet

When her body sinks into the familiar softness, she feels the heart begin to beat

She nuzzles her face in closer and lays there in silent wonder cheek to cheek

The power of the beating wings fills her heart leaving her breathless and weak

Looking down she sees the meadow illuminated with the glow of the moon

The animals are scurrying around as if making a magical nature tune

She watches with delight perched high up in the sky as the world flies by

And in breathless wonder, her heart skips a beat as a tear falls from her eye

She closes her eyes for a moment, sighs in deep content,a smile upon her lips

Feeling the power of this body as they make turns and dips and flips

she realizes the gift she is given as she stands on the edge waiting for the sound

As she stands looking with arms raised to the sky, just waiting to be found

He gently sets her back upon the earth as his wing touches her face tenderly

And she sees the gentleness in his eyes that is only there for her heart to see

She feels him say looking at her that he will return again, to wait for the moon

The moon will let her know the time and she will return to the cliff very soon

Few can see with the eye of the eagle or soar across mountains touched by snow

She used to ask him why she was picked, he told her it was not for her to know

All she needed to know was to come when the moon told her it it was time to fly

She hears the echo of hooves, feel the warriors near as he lifts her to the sky

And as she lay on the softness of feathers and caressed his beautiful head in love

Some could only feel his beauty through the thickness of a leather glove

She knew it was a gift of spirit to ride in splendid wonder in the sky so high

And feel the presence of heaven so close that the beauty made her heart cry


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Because He Lives

People often ask me how I have managed to survive all the pain, exhaustion and life in general. And I admit sometimes it is tough like the past six months but the reason is my faith in Jesus. I love this song….because He lives I can face tomorrow and that is how I hold on. I figure when my time is here, God will just take me but back in January when they told me I was going to die, evidently God was not ready for me to leave because I am still here and I praise God for that.

video by Cecilia Gospel

The world is in such turmoil that my faith is what gives me strength to go on. My faith is what gives me peace and joy and happiness and I am not ashamed to say that. Both of my sons also have that faith. So, when I see turmoil, I decided that the best gift I can give them is to pray for them instead of criticizing them. The best gift I can give anyone is to pray for them and to love them and show compassion to them. I so wish we would bring back love and care instead of the hatred and meanness going on.

Another thing I do for relaxation and stress is grounding. For us, grounding is going outside, sitting with our bare feet on the ground and feeling the grass and the dirt. We keep all electronics inside and sit there listening to the breeze blowing and the gentle sound of our chimes in the tree and watching the birds. Like a car batter that is sat on the ground, the energy drains out of it and for us, it drains all the stress and  tension out. And as I look over to our mountains, I realize how close we are to God high up here on this mountain. We sit there from thirty minutes to an our just allowing all the stress in the world to drain away from us.


Photo by danLrene

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Bend Like The Willow

The storms rage in destruction and despair
The winds of life batter without a care
Things break in two and shatter in places
And you see the pain in so many faces
And yet some still stand beaten but strong
♫’Bend like the willow’♫ is their song
The willow bends from the blasting wind
Smiling inside, saying “I only will bend”
In all her glory, the willow is still there
Proving that the strong willow does not care
Life will always send bad storms our way
Life will bring us storms, day after day
When the storms hit and you feel the pain
Raise your arms and face to the falling rain
Do not run and hide and cover your head
Do not hide, bend like the willow instead
When the willow is bent, the storm goes by
“You did not break me” is the willow’s cry
I am still here standing tall and strong
Think you can beat me, you are very wrong
When things are bad and you want to cry
Bend like the willow…just give it a try.
©danLrene 2006


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The Sad Story of Lucas Hernandez

Back in February, a little boy named Lucas Hernandez went missing. I have followed this story with a sadness in my heart for I just knew this 5 year old boy was already dead. He lived with his Dad, who worked in another state, and his stepmother. People felt due to the bruises and things that happened to him, that she was abusing him.

The police worked hard for three months to no avail. A private Investigator came to help find Lucas and I researched him and he seems to be quite awesome. He did find Lucas by talking the stepmother into going for a ride and telling her people were zoning in on finding him and she needed to just show him where his body was. And she did tell him and they found the body and called the police. From the deterioration, he had most likely been there the whole three months.

I think why this case hurts my heart so is that several reported this woman for abuse and the children’s services did nothing. Teachers say it and reported and nothing was done. And the last thing one of the family members remembers him saying when they asked him where he got all his bruises was that “Emily doesn’t like me anymore.” That poor little boy.

Now, the reason I am writing this is that every time on Facebook you see a “missing child”, that is someone’s loved one and too many are going missing.  In the town in Kansas where this happened, groups formed to look for his body for weeks going out in rough terrain. They were about two miles from where he was found. Be involved if you can and if you can not at least share the picture for that is the only way to save these children. Every day I see multiple posts on children missing. Some are taken in sex trade, some are little like Lucas, and some are babies. We need to find a way to stop this.


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The Damage Of Words

I read a quote the other day and it resonated with me. This is a time where people tend to focus on how they look, their hair, their makeup, their clothes, etc. Beauty has become important but this quote made me think about the words that we say and how they can affect our “beauty”.

“If the words you spoke, appeared on your skin, would you still be beautiful?”

Just take a minute to think about that and relate to the words said in anger, or condemnation or just to hurt. If people saw those words on you all the time, would it tarnish your beauty. And I am not just talking women. I am talking men too who focus on the latest hair styles, the designer clothes, etc.

Our words is one of those things where we can either uplift people or we can tear them down. We can help people or we can hurt them. We can encourage people or we can discourage them. I know all through my life my words have not always been good ones. I have really focused on that the past years because I believe we should never look down on someone unless we are offering a hand to help them up.

So, back to the question. If your hurtful, angry, hateful, condemning, etc words were written on your face and arms and hands where people saw them all the time, would you still be pretty? I say no because words are easy to say but if we have them going before us on our skin, they show the inner us which is where true beauty lies.

I think with all the hate and anger going on, people have forgotten that. I feel shame for our country when I read the comments people say on news articles, Facebook, blogs etc. When did the world become so hateful and it has been that way for a few years. If we could bring back love, compassion, caring, supporting…all those things good oh how the world would change.

I was so proud of the Santa Fe students, school people and the athletic students and staff from the shooting the other day. They chose to show concern, love, support and uplifting the students, families and community instead of going on a raging, angry march. It showed their true concern which was those that were affected. Unfortunately, all our words if we put them on social media, on the internet will forever be there. We can not wash them off.

It has made me very cautious and thoughtful about what I say anymore even when I am reacting. I have learned that if I am angry at something or someone, sometimes the best response is no response if I can not say anything positive. Maybe if we all start thinking about how we act and what we say we can help change what is going on.

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Dealing With The Ugliness of Today

Everything in life is a choice. I can see the raised eyebrows already but it is true. Getting a disease is not a choice but how you deal with it is a choice. Losing your job is not a choice but how you handle it and where you go next is a choice. When we start looking at the choices we do have, then we do not feel quite as restricted for we are a country of the free. Right?

I am not expert nor am I a psychologist but this is how I deal with those people who are hateful, ugly, say nasty things and try to inflict wounds with their words. I remind myself that how I react is my choice. And so I just smile and say “Ok” and move on. Nothing frustrates them more.

I see so many of our young people who just can not handle life and the harsher side of life. They get extremely emotional, cry and really have break downs. This is because they have never been taught that life can be tough and we do not always get what we want. I remember my sons wanting Niki tennis shoes when in high school and I was not able to buy them. So, my response was “If you want them, you will have to find a way to pay for them.”  And then I sat back and just waited to see what they would do. Children are very resilient. Neither one had a driver’s license at the time so they walked everywhere they went.

Both boys went out hunting work  offering to mow lawns, clean yards, whatever for pay. They also collected coke bottles to turn in to get money. They had already learned that life is not always good to us but they already knew they had to find a way out of it. I smiled inside as I watched them working at the neighbors houses, walked carrying coke bottles and walked dogs, etc.

And you know what? They earned the money to get their Niki shoes and were so proud of what they had done. And through it all they learned that those kids taunting them had no control on them and would tell them when asked if they were having to work to get Niki shoes and they would smile and say “Yes indeed we are and when we get them, we will have earned them ourselves. No one will have given them to us.”

They were proud but I was even prouder for I watched my sons grow through that lesson. No, I could never have bought two pairs of Niki shoes but my sons learned that what they wanted in life they had to work for. And they learned how to deal with ugly people. Sadly there will always be bullies. There will always be mouthy people who want to jab at you and bring you down. Always. So learning how to deal with them and ignoring them goes a long way.

I remind myself even now when someone writes ugly things to me or says something ugly when I am out that it is my choice how I let them affect me. I remind myself that those those that want to bring people down with their words are already down themselves. Acting like that is their way of trying to make themselves feel better. I remind myself that I am not perfect, not necessarily beautiful or talented but that I am worthy. We have to have faith in ourselves. Not the arrogant kind that some have but the kind that gives us confidence to keep going even when being attacked and to keep going without getting emotionally invested.




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Looking For The Good

I have preached this for years and I am a big believer in it. So, today I am going to use me as an example. It has been some rough five months since December 14 when I fell, broke the two arm bones off my wrist, injured my back, pulled ribs out of place and rotated my spine some and got whiplash and then ended up in the hospital for 12 days with a very enormous clot going from one lung to the other and on the artery to my heart. I know, does not sound like much to see good in but there was and still is.

I found good in going to the ER here in our little town and having very competent doctors taking care of me. I found good in finding ways to dealing with my severe spine issues by learning how to lay my lower back on a flat pillow to relieve some of the pain. I found good in the hospital stay because all the doctors said I was dying and Jesus showed me himself and directed me to go to the doctor who had an experimental procedure that “might” help me. And it did and gave me the miracle Jesus performed on me.  I found good in feeling the presence of Jesus and so did my son. I found good in being able to have my power chair by my hospital bed and could sit in it every day to help keep me from getting weaker. I found good in being put on Coumedan (blood thinners) for the rest of my life because it forced me to change my eating habits.

I found good in learning how to use my left hand because my right hand is so badly damaged and I could not even feed myself with my right hand. But I can with my left hand. I found good in the brace that the doctor finally put on it once the cast was gone because it gave my hand and wrist stability. I found good in having my primary doctor perform OMT on my neck and spine to try to alleviate the rotated vertebrae, push the ribs back in place and help my over all pain. My primary is a DO which is a doctor of osteopathy and they believe in whole body treatment. I love them.

I found good in having Radio Frequency ablation done to both sides of my spine at the L5 to L3 area which burns the nerves to help the pain. The pain was so bad before that I was only sleeping an hour at a time. Now, I still have pain but I am so happy that it is not quite as severe even though the one side did not do as well as the other side and there were some issues. Good outweighed.

And today I find good in what my doctor told me about my wrist. He said it was healing way too slowly and that I would have to wear this brace for a long time. His words were to consider it my best friend. I came home, took my brace off to put some cream on my arm and looked at it and said “OK you can be my BF but you will NOT be my BFF”.   Yes my arm and hand are screwed up and will probably always be this way but that is OK. It was a bad fall and did a lot of damage but the good news is I can still type which is very important since I write a blog and am working on a book. And I am still here and still happy in spite of not because of.

I see people who become engulfed in all the bad news and pain and loss and can not see anything good. I can tell you from years of dealing with constant hard health issues that there is something good in every day. It may be your sweet little dog or cat. It may be a family member. It may be that you can still do some things while you can not do others. But you have to look for the good things. It is a choice and we have to remind ourselves daily. I write down 3 things I am thankful for daily and they must be different each time. People normally put my family, God, etc. I found myself searching and writing such things as I was thankful for my hot shower and my shower chair for many people do not even have running water. Look for the good and write it down each day. When you look back you will see that in spite of the hurt, pain, loss, etc…you manged to find joy and goodness.

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A Universal Gift That We Can All Give

There are actually several gifts that we can give to others. The one I am talking about today is HOPE. As long as we have hope, we can go forward. And there is always hope….hope for a better day tomorrow, hope for less pain, for less sadness, etc. And if we can encourage others to hold on to hope, it helps us hold on to it ourselves.

Hope is something that I have held on to for a long time through all sorts of situations. There are miracles every day. That should give us hope. Change happens daily. That should give us hope. And the life after this life gives me great hope.

Other things we can give to others that cost nothing are love, kindness, respect, patience, and joy. We never really know what another is going through and people in general tend to put their own expectations on others not knowing what the other is going through.

Believe it or not, kindness helps people make it through some really tough times. So do love and listening and just being there for someone in a rough patch. I love to people watch. I do not get out quite as often as I used to so do not get to do it very often. But I love watching others interact with each other. And I would often see things that would make me smile.

So, when you can offer hope to someone struggling and compassion and kindness and love. It makes their day a lot easier and makes our hearts feel good. Try to spread hope, love, compassion and understanding where ever you go.

Just a little update on me. My Radio Frequency Ablation had a little twist and a lot of pain. They put the large hollow tube through a vein and had trouble stopping the bleeding but got it after a bit.  It took me a few days to rebound but I am getting there. Tomorrow I see the orthopedic surgeon for him to decide what to do about my hand that is so badly damaged. I am getting really good at using my left hand for most things.  The main thing is what are they going to do about the piece of broken off bone floating around on the outside of my wrist.

Each day is an adventure and often comes with a surprise. Even when it holds negative things, I have learned to look for the good even if it is just my wee little doggie. Take care and will be writing again soon.

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I am not leaving my blog. I just have a lot of medical going on right now and was in the hospital for a procedure last Thursday and on the tenth I go back for another one. I have so many doctors appointments right now that it leaves little time to do anything. But, I promise I will be back blogging soon. Don’t give up on me please.

And now to make you smile. My baby Daisy who thinks that the warm clothes from the dryer are for her. 🙂


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