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Spring Cleaning Our Hearts and Our Heads

I love this quote here. It is not mine but it is so true. What goes in us comes out of us and if all we ingest is hate and anger then that is what we will be. Time to start cleaning out all the negative, ugly, hateful things in our hearts and heads.


I love spring cleaning time where you pull everything out and clean around and under it and get rid of what is no longer useful. So, to me, it makes sense to spring clean all the things we have accumulated over the years that trigger us and affect how we respond. We need to take them all out, put them on the table so to speak and look at them and ask ourselves why we are holding on to the negative emotions. Why are we holding on to hate and anger and other emotions that bring us down as a person?

So, I am going to do a little spring cleaning of my mind and heart and see what I can get rid of. There are things I just need to avoid which I do which is all the hate on social media. There is also things that become so common in the world that we just tend to forget that they are wrong and accept them as normal when they are not.

So, time to get out the big old brooms and rakes that years ago they beat the rugs with after they hung them on the line to get all the hidden dirt out and clean out our hearts and minds out  and give us a fresh start. Forgiving people is a good place to start, not because anything they did to hurt us or harm us is ok but because it frees our hearts to move on in life.

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I Can Not Be What I Hate In Others

Lesson I learned years ago. Do not act like what you hate in others. In other words, if people let you down, do not let others down just because you were let down. If people talk ugly to you, do not talk ugly to others. Give back what you want the world to be…a place of understanding, love and compassion.


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I hear people say they can not do anything to help our country but the truth is when you do nothing, you allow evil to flourish. Yes, we can all do something. We can pray if we are a believer. We can be what we want the world to be by being kind, loving, and by being compassionate, etc. Or we can be the hate and anger we see everyday on the news. I prefer the loving and kindness. It may only affect my current area where I live but I keep praying that I may touch a life that is caught up in the hate and drama so that they too want to be kind and loving instead of the hate and anger.

There are many who are angry and filled with hate who feel that way because they think no one cares. Our kindness may offer some hope to them. I see it even in our children in school that become isolated and even problem children. No one takes the time to know them or talk to them or show a little kindness.

While love and kindness may not cure all the problems, it will help at least in the immediate area who do this in by showing others that we can be loving and k






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How I Deal With Not So Good News


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I have had so many people ask me how I keep going and keep such a good attitude. My response is always that we can not always choose what happens to us but we can choose how we respond to it.

I got some not good news the other day. I think I already knew it in my heart of hearts  but I was just not ready for it. But now I am. I have been to a doctor appointment everyday this week. One was to the surgeon who has been overseeing my hand and he told me it was not healing like he wanted. I broke my wrist December 14, 2017, so it has been almost three months since the bad fall. He thought it would almost totally healed by now and it is not.

That fall did a lot of damage to me. I feel backwards, throwing my right  hand behind me to try to catch myself and I broke…not a crack..but snapped off the two major bones to my forearm that attach to my wrist. I tore muscles and did a lot of damage and I was told that since it is not healing well that I may never have more ability with it than I do right now. They measured my grip on this thing you squeeze. My left hand if a little above 25 and my right injured hand is 15. And I am right handed. I go back in 2 more months to see if it heals more and decide if he can fix anything. I have a piece of bone broken off my right side of my wrist and it is floating in there causing me a lot of pain. The other side of my wrist is painful because the bone shows ragged edges and is not healing well.

I have worked hard to try to get some use back of my hand but has been very very slow in responding. When I first fell I could not feed myself, brush my hair, wash my face, shower without help, put my shoes on, needed help dressing myself, wash my hair, etc. So, I took this new prognosis and said ok, if this is all I get from this hand, I can at least feed myself (even if I have to hold my hand like a fist with the handle stuck in the center of the fist to feed myself that way. I can now brush one side of my hair, wash my face,  bathe myself except for my back, which son does after I get out of the shower and have my robe wrapped around me and can even button my shirt with a lot of effort. I could not put my shoes on nor tie them. Son fixed that by buying me a pair of velcro shoes. Being independent, no matter how little or how much it is, is essential for someone like me.

I decided that no matter if I improve any or just a little or none at all, I am going to make the best of it, find new ways to do things and keep going forward. Like the picture says at the top, I do not particularly like the song my life is playing right now but I can choose to dance to this tune anyway. I never knew all the damage that a fall backwards can do. I broke my wrist, messed up my torn rotator cuff, flared an area in my spine that is now three areas of severe stenosis, loss of muscle in my hand and arm, whiplash in my neck and shoulders with ribs pulled out of place, affected my balance so that I must have my good hand holding on to something every time I stand to get in my powerchair, and flared up my neuropathy.

I do not like the song that is playing right now. It is like taking a country music person and forcing them to listen to hard rock music which they hate. But I know that if I keep working at this and have the things done that will help like Radio Frequency on my spine, having the doctor manipulate my ribs back into place and work on the whiplash, taking the medicine I need to take and being careful with myself, then things will get a little better and I can change the tune to cross over music and one day hopefully have the country music back playing in my heart. I hope that makes sense to you all..

Those of us suffering whether it be physically or mentally have the choice to decide how we will take the news we get. Do we give up and just let it take us over or do we strive to not let the pain and suffering take our joy and happiness. I am a fighter but even more so than that, I am a person of faith and I know God intervened with the “you are going to die” I was told at the hospital. So, my faith in Jesus/God and knowing where I will go when I do die gives me the peace we all need. I refuse to live my life in fear, sadness, worrying, and complaining when I still have a choice how I choose to handle all this.

Never ever quit fighting to survive. Never let despair and sadness take over your life. Choose to look each day for something good. I challenge you to do the three things you are thankful for each day. And you can not use “I am thankful for God, my family, my kids, etc but once. I have done this the past four years where so much has happened and found myself being thankful for things like a hot shower, hot coffee, taking a ride in the country, holding my grandbaby, etc. There is always something good if you look hard enough for it. Choose…just choose.

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How Do We Deal With The Way The Country Is now?

How do we deal with how the country (and the world) is now and has been for this past year? I do not have any solutions for how anyone else deals with it. I can only tell you what I do and do not do to keep my life more tranquil.

I think we have to do everything to protect our family and home from all the hate, anger and negativity. If I can do anything to help like writing my congress and senate members I will. But if there if nothing I can do, then I have to place it in God’s hands. And place it there I do with many prayers.

I protect our serenity (my serenity) by not reading the news. I simply do not trust any of them nor any politician. Both sides are out for themselves and nothing more. So, I avoid having to ingest all this hate by reading the news. You can spot the media that are the “liberals” and “Democrats” as many say by the pictures they post. They use the most horrendous pictures they can find. And the GOP is just as bad with the hate and name calling. Now, I do not believe all liberals or Democrats nor all conservatives or Republicans are bad. I just do not want all that anger and hate and manipulation infiltrating my life. So that is step one.

On social media I guard my FB carefully and remove any political, ranting, gun arguing etc from my feed and a lot of that is permanently removed because I use the three dots beside a post that clicks and shows “remove all from..”  and I click the one that says the source of the meme, video, etc. I never see anything from that again.

I simply refuse to get into debates (which is screaming, arguing and name calling). I simple do not answer them. It is not who I am nor how I believe. I think nothing gets accomplished when emotions are that high. If I do something, I want it to make a difference in a good way.

And here at our house, we tend to pull the walls even closer to protect the serenity in our home.  We are not people who like to go to big gatherings anyway but we are the kind of people who like to protect the peace in our home.

And the last thing I do is put all of this in God’s hands. I am a person of faith and I study the Bible and have read the signs of the end of time. I may never see it in my life time nor my son’s  but it is closer than we realize. And this is why the miracle a few weeks ago saving me when all the doctors said I was dying means so much to me. And in my heart I hear the Lord telling me to always speak in kindness and love. And that is what I try to do.

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Change Your Thoughts and Change Your World


It is so easy when things are really tough and you get knocked down to just give up but we have a choice we can make. We can let it destroy us or we can fight to overcome it. I am a fighter for my life. I have been knocked down so many times that I can not remember how many.

I am going to use something from my life. Over the past four years I have been knocked down to where I was back in this hospital bed flat on my back each year. Yes there were times I wanted to just quit and give up but something in me said “NO, you are not done yet.” And so the first three years I worked hard to get myself sitting up and then standing up and even to taking one or two steps and then months later, I would be slapped down again only to have to start over.

That is what this over a month ago has done to me again. I could not sit up I was so weak and in so much pain but with the help of Physical Therapy at home and Occupational therapy, I am sitting up and standing up. I am not taking steps but have come a long way. I also could not feed myself because of my broken hand that was severely damaged. I could not get the fork or spoon to my mouth so began the journey of first being fed by my son and then using my fingers eating what son called a “De-constructed” chef salad. That is where he put each ingredient in a pile by itself and I would pick them up and dip them in dressing. And finallywith much training and realizing I may never have good function of my hand, I learned a new way to hold my spoon so that I could reach my mouth. Determination and taking charge of myself.

When we get knocked down it is not by choice. Something happens to knock up down. But staying down is our choice. And do not think that I am stronger than anyone else. I am not. I just choose to be strong and fight the battle. It is hard, painful but seeing the progress after 6 weeks of PT and OT, I am encouraged. So hang in there even when it is an emotional knock down and do the things you need to do to survive.


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Everyone Inspires Someone

We all inspire someone. It may be to inspire them to fight harder, to work harder, to be more loving, etc. Or, it can be to inspire them to do things that are bad. I have heard people tell me that they don’t want to inspire anyone or to be a role model and my reply was “You have no control over it. We may never see nor know the people we inspire but we do influence people. So maybe we should influence people for the goo.


People we walk past in the mall or at school or walking downtown may see us do things and be inspired to do what we did. I think we see that all the time. All these riots, violence, etc are influenced by someone. Children watch their parents and siblings and grandparents, etc and learn behaviors from them. My prayer is that what we are all doing is good things and teaching those who see us good things.

Our young people are being inspired or influenced by many things. You tube is one thing and we have a lot of young teens who just want to get pregnant and quit school. And now we have a bunch of young teens who have had two or three kids, have no idea how to take care of them or how to keep house and are just lost.  And yet they have been influenced by people they have never met.

I know many parents who are awesome parents, raising their children with values and discipline and working their job and that is awesome but sadly the others that just get pregnant over and over are higher numbers than the ones we have raised right. I have two sons I am proud of who are both hard workers and make me proud. I have learned to stop before I get angry or say things ugly in front of others because I do not want to think I influenced anyone in a negative way and I am sure I have in the past.

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Just My thoughts



One time many moons ago I was asked who did I think I was to be telling people what to do. As the picture above says, I am not here to tell anyone what to do. I am just here to present ideas that might make people think about what was said.

I watch all that is going on in the world and our country and look at all the protesting, screaming, name calling etc and my only thought has been who is watching out for these kids who just went through trauma? Instead they are being used to promote an agenda. I strongly feel that we should never ever have discussions when emotions are so high and anger and fear. Why are these kids not getting some counseling instead of their emotions being used?

I guess I look at things in a very objective way and try to see all sides but with all the anger and hate going on, there is no sides. It is “agree with me or you are this or that”.  We do need solutions but there is no one perfect solution which is why we need to listen to all the suggestions.

Today is my rest day so that is all I will say. 🙂  Wishing you all a wonderful day.


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Life Is About Choosing

Every day we have choices to make. We choose many things and some are good choices and some are not very good choices. But at least we had the right to choose. If we are always afraid to choose anything, we lose out on so much.

I believe learning to choose even if we do not get what we want is important. If we always tell people when they ask us what do we want, “I do not care. Whatever you want.” that is exactly what we will get. A short story ti emphasize this. My Dad when he was about 8 was taken to the bicycle store and asked which bike he wanted for Christmas by his mother. His Dad died when he was 7. He thought if he picked a plain, cheaper one she would be so proud of him for not being greedy that she would buy him the fancy one. Well, she bought him exactly what he said he wanted.

It is not just in the little things we should express what we want, hope for but also in the larger things. A couple who decide they want to get married should have already discussed the hard things like “Do you want children?”, about finances, where to live, faith and what church they want to go to if they are wanting a church and other things. Being passive about this leads to some of the divorces we see now. People think they can change the other person over time so just go ahead and marry. Unfortunately you can not change another person.

I truly believe people do not express their desires, wishes and thoughts because they fear the other person(s) will not like it or will reject it or them. And if they do, you have saved yourself a lot of heartache. That does not mean be greedy and ask for the top of the line in everything. It simply means if someone asks you your opinion or what you want, tell them truthfully.

Life is full of joy and sorrows and this is why I think it is so important to be true to yourself. I am even that way when someone asks me “How do you like this outfit.”  I don’t tell them it makes them look fat or ugly if I think it does. I simply tell them that I like another outfit better on them. Always kindness.

Fear can destroy us. Go boldly into your lives and leave the fear behind you. Probably 80 percent of what we worry and stress over and fear never happens. And if something bad happens, you just pull yourself up and keep marching forward.


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Do We Always Need To Explain Ourselves?

This vlog is inspired by an old quote I made. In this day and time, it seems like people have to explain themselves, their words, their motives, their actions.  But, should we really? If people don’t know us they may not know our actions and who we really are but will explaining over and over help them understand what they have not seen in us?

I do believe we should be true to what we believe and stand for. It took me years to learn to stand up for my being a person of faith.  Friends would all be in a group and someone would start telling dirty jokes or making comments that I felt uncomfortable with but now I either just walk away or if they ask I tell them that I just am not into dirty jokes, etc.

I learned through all my years that it is important to be the person in private or small groups that you show to the world. I find that with social media it is easy for people to present a fake front but when you are alone with them or in a small group, the person they really are comes out. How can we expect people to believe in us if we don’t believe in ourselves?

Always allow yourself the ability to be exactly what you hold in your heart. If I say I am a person of love then I can not be going around spewing hate. If you are truly happy, then find that happiness as much as you can and enjoy life. Life is too short to not be  your real self.


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Been A Long Time Since I’ve seen you Lucille

Well Folks, that is how I feel today. It has been close to a year since I have written due to health issues and now I am back….still battling but still going forward. I am going to make this a post that tells of a miracle that happened to me. I had a bad fall, the two  bones of my forearm snapped off my wrist, I was having trouble breathing and zooming high blood pressure and  blood clots flew everywhere and many ended up in my lungs at the top and the artery to my heart. I was taken to the ER and then on to the hospital where I was told I was dying. But, I am still here. I am a person of faith and this just solidified my faith. I have used the phrase “yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil for thou art with me” all through my life but this event brought that to reality. I have written this story many times to share with others so this is a copy.

I have an amazing miracle story that Jesus performed on me. I went to the hospital ER with massive blood clots in the entrance to my lungs and across the artery that goes into the heart. The doctors said I was going to die. They had never seen such massive clots and definitely never seen anyone live from them.

I asked Jesus to guide me on what to do. One group of doctors said all they could do was give me blood thinners but it would take weeks to do anything and I would be dead by then. And a lone doctor came in and said he did not know why I was alive. He said I should have been dead two weeks before this. He had a procedure he had been working on for five months that he could try but he did not think it would save me but said it was worth a try.

Suddenly as I prayed again to Jesus asking him to guide me,  I felt this overwhelming peace and love pour over me and my son standing beside me did too.  I see Jesus in this man’s eyes and then it was like Jesus was standing in front of me. And he motioned me to follow this lone doctor, so I said ok. I could not stop looking at Jesus. After all the docs left my son says in this emotional voice “Mama you are going to be alright. You are going to live.” I am sure those left in the room thought we were crazy but I assure you we were not because I did live.  I asked my son did he see Jesus like I did and he said no, but he felt Jesus and felt this huge peace that told him I would be ok.

I had people coming to my room constantly in the 12 days I was in the hospital, the first four I think were in ICU. Even people that worked there came and asked me to tell my story. Some cried, some asked me to tell more and a couple you could tell did not believe it even though there was no medical reason for me to still be here. Two asked me how I knew it was Jesus and I told them to just know that if they ever feel or see Jesus, the real Jesus they will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is Him.

Believe me when I say that we just think we know how much God/Jesus loves us but it is not near how much He actually does love us. The next day the doctor did his experimental procedure as they ran tubes from my groin up into my lungs and the artery to my heart and dripped clot busters on this massive clot that went from the left side of one lung , across my heart, to the right side of my other lung. It dripped for hours as I lay there. I believe my son said 17 hours. And I started getting better. Three days later I asked my son to bring my power chair and the doctors came in and I was sitting up in my chair and they were just stunned. I smiled and told them good morning.

The next day and for days after I had doctors coming into my room in groups just to see me because they said I did what they did not think was possible. I lived. I told them it was all God and you could see the amazement on some of their faces. They wanted to listen to my lungs and were shocked that they wounded normal. When I came in I was on a 5 of oxygen because I could not breathe. Three days later, I was back down to my normal 2.  As I looked back, I could see God’s hand in this whole event from the ER to being transported by ambulance to the bigger hospital to this lone doctor coming to see me.

The doctor that worked on me said “God has plans for this woman”. And when I prayed and asked God what He wanted me to do, the answer always came back…go tell your story because no one believes in the miracles Jesus did anymore. Many say that there are no more miracles like Jesus healing the blind man, or making the lame man walk, or God parting the sea for the followers to cross to get away from those wanting to kill them. This was a parting the sea moment in my life and I thank God daily for saving me from physical death and want to continue to work for him.

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