The Truth About #StandingRock

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Today I am writing about a topic that is very close to my heart. If I could be there in person instead of this hospital bed, I would be. Most people do not know the truth on Standing Rock and do not take the time to look it up and find the truth. They just take mainstream media and local media’s word for it and they are nothing but echo chambers for the parties they stand for.

My intentions were to just tell the story and show the video but after what the so-called Law Enforcement did the other night spraying water on the Indigenous Peoples when it was 23 degrees and throwing concussion grenades at the people and injuring one woman horribly. Her arm was blown open and they still do not know if they can save it. So I am going to post the videos and this may take several blogs to do it. Please, if you care about people and our country, take the time to look at them and see how the Governor of North Dakota and the Sheriff of Morton County and others are lying about what is happening.

They are saying the water protectors are rioters and violent protestors and yet the Native Americans have no weapons and are praying and singing. It is thanks to the Governor and to the Sheriff using military equipment to try to force this pipeline through. Now remember, that this Energy Transfer company said they had only had 2 oil spills in the past couple of years. NOT TRUE.  There have been about 260 oil spills in the past two years. Do you see why the Indigenous peoples are fighting to save the water which also will lead downstream to other states? Just think of Flint Michigan and the contamination of the water there.

So, let me start with this blog showing some videos and I will add more in the morning.

video by TYT Politics

I am proud people are standing up against this and wanting to save our earth and water.

Listen to the conversation between a Morton County official and a woman who called for help the night the Oil Company law enforcement was spraying them with water and they were getting hypothermia. Absolutely no help at all. She asked them who was she supposed to call to save people from the police. No Answer.

The Governor said that the Indigenous Peoples were attacking the officers. Sorry but the Natives have no weapons. It is the officers with huge mace containers, tear gas, billy clubs, water cannons, etc. The Governor also said the people were attacking officers but the videos done right there at the Standing Rock place during this time shows that is not true.

Here are some videos to show for now. Some will show with a picture and some show just as links.

Attacking with dogs. They did that in the sixties to the Blacks. Remember?



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If You Are Willing To Die For Someone, Why Won’t You Live For Them?

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“If you would lay down and die for someone or something, then why won’t you live for them?”

Dr. Phil

Wow, what a powerful statement. All of us have someone or something that we would lay down and die to protect and take care of and yet at the same time, some of us do not live for that person or that passion. We are emotionally absent from their lives. We are willing to lay down and die for others but not willing to fight for ourselves to live to be there for them.  I am going to talk about Chronic illness or being disabled mostly but I think you can apply it to any life.

I have fought health problems for so long. When I first started getting sick, my fight was to make it until my kids could take care of themselves. And then after that, I seemed to lose that fight for my health. I would still fight to protect and defend those I love but I was not fighting to survive my health issues and disabilities because I felt like I was not important enough to fight for. And a person chronically ill should be their first defender.


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It takes a purpose in life to keep fighting…a hope…a dream.  At the time my boys left home, I felt like I had lost that purpose and so just succumbed to being sick.  And it took me a long time to realize that if I was willing to continue defending and fighting and supporting my sons and those I love, I had to live for them too. I had to embrace my life and be accountable for what I do and did. I had to be there physically and emotionally and live life so that they were part of my life.

We can not control many things in life but we can control what we do, how we handle them and how we accept responsibility for what we do and do not do in life. I realized one day that I was worth fighting for too. What a revelation that was to me because I did not think I was worth fighting for. I also realized that if I did not fight for myself , neither would anyone else.

I realized that I have to live for myself and for those that I would fight for and defend and protect. If I am living my life to the fullest possible for me, then I am giving those I love and care about and that love me the best gift possible and that is me living to my fullest potential and my happiest in their lives.  I am giving them me present in their lives not just physically but emotionally.

Ask yourself sometime if you give others your best behavior.  Am I allowing my life to be less than it could be? Am I hindering myself from actually living life instead of just existing. Have I put a cocoon around me to keep from being hurt and without realizing it,  I have shut those I love out?

Living life means being involved in what is around us, interacting and enjoying those around us, accepting what has happened to us in the past and letting go.  It means being present in life, not just a shell that floats through doing nothing, giving nothing and more or less, being a shadow. It is easy to retreat when we are chronically ill, disabled, emotionally spent, tired, etc.  And we are just a shadow in our personal world and in the world of those we love.

If you are willing to fight and die for someone or something, then be willing to live for them too. Be willing to take life with all the mixed bag of things that come. Yes, there will be bad times and we just have to tolerate them. Living life means letting ourselves feel it all, the good or bad, and being present and active in what is going on.

YES, that is hard sometimes. Sometimes we just want to hide in our rooms, pull the covers over our head and drown out any sound of those around us. But, that is not living life. I have learned that even though most of my time is spent on this hospital bed in pain, that I can still be accountable and present in the lives of those I love. I can try to hide from anything negative or sad and even hide from how sick I am but what happens when we do that is we put a paper shell around us that is easily fractured.

Being present in our loved one’s lives, fighting for ourselves can be done even if we are laying on a bed, laying on the couch, not feeling well, unable to get up and do the things others can, being home bound, etc. It can be done emotionally and allowing others in and fighting to stay here for them. It means fighting to live so that we can still be here for those we love. Yes, we might not can go to all their events. We might not can go out all the time. We might can never go out. But, they can come to us and we can lay on the couch and we can enjoy them when they are here.

So, my question today is…are you willing to fight to live ..for the things or the people who you are willing to fight and even die for? If you would die for your loved ones why would you not be willing to fight to live for them?

Walking Your Path

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“Sometimes we can’t choose the path we are on, but we can choose how we walk it”

The quote above was made by a man who spent 16 years in prison for a crime he did not commit and was finally found innocent and  released. He was asked how he endured and his response was the quote above. He endured by choosing to walk the path of an innocent person and to keep that his focus.

I am not sure how I would have done had I been sent to prison that long for something I did not do but I love what he said. We do not always choose the path we are on but it is our choice how we walk that path. We can let it make us or break us. Mandela said much the same thing. He refused to let prison bring him down and so he forgave and kept looking forward.

I did not choose to become disabled but how I “walk the path” is up to me. I can either lay back and whine and cry or I can keep moving forward, finding joy in life and living life to the fullest.  That is my choice and I choose the latter. The negative, unforgiving, anger, hatred and all those other emotions bring us down and they eat away the inside of us. Remember when the power goes off and stays off for hours and when it comes back on we feel such joy?  Choosing to see the good does that. It keeps the light on and keeps us filled with joy.

the futureimage from 

All through life, people will have events that they did not choose to have, will be on a path they did not choose and so how they handle it is how their life will be.  People do not consciously choose to be poor, come from broken homes, lose their jobs, their homes, lose loved ones, fall ill, become disabled, have car wrecks, be in fires or any other traumatic experience. We just simply do not choose these things. That would be sadistic and cruel to ourselves. So, If we do not choose to have these bad things happen to us, why would we choose to increase the sadness and pain and sorrow when we can choose to see the good things?

And you will see some people who make it through these things and seem to find joy. You will see some who come through but feel bitter or angry and you will see some who never make the effort to get through them. And they do not make it.  It is all about the choice and what we choose to hold on to and what we choose to keep in the front of our lives.

The man wrongly convicted that I mentioned above, could have become a hardened criminal and done things that kept him in prison but he chose a different path.  And that path brought him back out of that hell and to his family. And even when we think it is not,  it is our choice how we walk whatever path we are on. This man forgave everyone. See, if we harbor anger and resentment, it is carrying baggage around. When we forgive, we are releasing it and moving on. It is not saying what someone did is right. It is saying I will not allow this to hinder my life anymore.

choose the pathimage from

I know sometimes people say “take the high road” meaning to be the good guy and ignore what happened.  Sometimes I think this works but I think choosing to walk a path that makes our life stay on a good track is more than just giving into everyone to not rock the boat.  I think it is standing up for yourself, speaking out when something is wrong, stepping up to the plate and doing the right thing, remaining positive when it seems to be so negative, seeing the good that is out their instead of becoming devoured by the evil and ugliness and the list goes on. Just being able to express the things that happen helps us. It gives a sense of validation.And why not say “Well, that was pretty crappy.”  and then moving on to the good things we still have?

So, how is your path today?  Are you on the path you want?   If not, why have you not changed it?

What Does Not Kill You Makes You Stronger

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I love this video, not just for cancer patients but those chronically ill.  This person is making the choice to smile in the worst of circumstances. That is what I try to do.  I put a smile on my face and sing and dance my way through it all. 🙂 No, I am not pretending. I am choosing to be happy. There is a difference. Those pretending, it shows you are pretending.

video by Megan Kowalewski

I say this so often that it sounds like a mantra.  If your choices are not making you happy, then make different choices. Our happiness is up to us and we have to make the right choices and to make our own happiness no matter what is happening. We can not depend on others to do it for us.


So, dare to smile, dare to be a little silly, dare to laugh even when life seems so hard for it will lighten your whole being and help you fight the battle.  My battle cry is MOJO ON!!!   Ask son sometime for he will tell you that I put on my MOJO baseball cap and as he rolls me back to the pain clinic to have the nerves burnt in my spine or rolls me in for surgery, he will tell you I have attitude.  I think I might wear these for the upcoming surgery. I mean who can not smile with those on? And of course, everyone needs a leopard shawl to wear.Picture 047But maybe I will put on my black long johns. LOL

Picture 049

Choose to do things that make you laugh, make you smile, brings joy to your heart, and releases stress. No one said life would be easy but it is up to us in how we deal with what life offers. We can either be the victim always complaining or we can be the survivor, the warrior looking for solutions to things happening in our lives. I prefer being a survivor. I do not have the “give up” gene in me. I fight to the end. And look at yourself, see yourself as a survivor for that makes a big difference in how we fight life’s battles. This is a good example of how I see myself. As sick as I really am with all the things I have wrong, I still do not think of myself as sick or disabled. Maybe because my mind is not.

how you see yourself

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Something about me that those closest to me know is that no matter how sick I am, I always find a way to dance. Our minds are amazing things and can take us places we want to go if we allow them. Below is a poem I wrote about me when I was at my worst and it shows you how I still time travel and still do things and still find joy in my life.

The Last Dance

With wisps of hair across her beautiful face

Tears on her cheeks your finger could trace

She stood there with head bowed in humble prayer

Feeling as if she were the only one that cared

She closed her eyes and listened once more

To the music that always drew her to the door

The music rose in tempo and sound

She knew her time was coming around

Was her dream to dance just one last dance

And she knew tonight was her only chance

Rising on toes, she danced across the stage

Her body tensing up for the very next page

As she jumped to twirl up in the air

She suddenly felt his hands right there

He lifted her higher than she had ever flown

And twirled and danced  better than she had ever known

He molded himself to her as if one

And remained there lifting her until the dance was done

The applause thundered and echoed around the room

And she felt as if life had just started to bloom

As the sounds died down, she smiled with tears

Not being able to dance was one of her fears

Then she opened her eyes and looked around

Oxygen hoses and hospital beds are what she found

As she glanced down she saw her toes pointed down

And she knew only her attitude kept her bed bound

No matter what happened she could dance so free

She just had to close her eyes and the stage she would see


Have You Put Yourself In A Prison Cell?

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When we think of prison, we think of criminals. What we don’t think of is that sometimes we can put ourselves in a prison cell just by our thoughts. We can constrict our lives to the point that we are virtually living in a space about 6 feet by 10 feet. And the thing that puts us there is usually fear. There are many kinds of fear but one is the fear of what others think of us.

prison of fear

It took me years to quit worrying about what others think and what a liberating feeling that was. Sometimes we agree to do things that we really do not want to do because we are afraid of what they will think. And so we will not say no. The day I learned to say no was an eye opener. Yes, the people got mad for a little while but they got over it. I had taken spots at church or fundraisers when I really had plans I wanted to do. It was not until I realized I was being pushed into doing it because the other person had plans they wanted to do that I broke down the prison cell wall.

We also put ourselves in that prison cell because of fear of failure. We will not attempt to do things or go places because we are afraid we will fail or people will laugh at us. And what is ironic is that it is not just our friends or family we worry about, we worry about what complete strangers may think. I sit here now and think why would I care what complete strangers thought? They do not care what I think.

Fear can be immobilizing. It can stop us in our tracks and derail us from life. Fear makes us say we like things that we can not stand and all because we do not want anyone judging us or laughing at us. I can remember eating snails one time for that very reason. And let me tell you that to me snails was like trying to eat a piece of DuPont tire in a butter sauce. Nasty and the more you chewed, the bigger it got. And yet I, because I had myself trapped in a prison I had created, sat there and ate some of them. Now, how lame is that? Now, if I do not like something, I say so. I climbed out of my prison cell.

Fear of what people think makes us hang with the wrong people, marry the wrong people, work with the wrong people and even go to the wrong churches. And if you do not think so just start paying attention. Some people marry because they do not want people saying things about how old they are and have never been married.  Marriage, one of the most beautiful and life filling events in our lives, and people will marry someone they do not love because they fear what others think. And some people begin to fight to get out of their prison cell and go on to divorce and find happiness.

Many people with chronic illness will hide it because they fear what others will say. They will push themselves to go places when they are really too sick and in too much pain to do it. And they do that because they fear what others will say about them. I can remember doing that many years ago. Yes, there goes those prison walls going up all because of fear of what others think.

I pray all people learn to step out of their prison cell they have created around them and step out into the world. So what if you fail? You get up and you try again and again and again. So what if you are thirty something and not married?  I learned that if I can not live alone with myself, by myself, I will never live with anyone. So what if people laugh at you?  Learn to laugh at yourself. As I was struggling to eat those snails, I looked like a re-creation of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman as my snail in the shell flew across the room. They got their laugh even though I was pretending to like those things.

Stand up for you and start taking those walls down one by one. Realize that it will not kill us for someone to laugh at us. I find my self hilarious all the time and it is over dumb stuff. Like the day this disabled and chronically ill grandma here decided to be Rambo on a crutch because I heard someone in my house and son was gone. I hung on to the grab bar by my bedroom door, balancing on my one good leg, and swung out into the living room with the other leg thrown out and waving my forearm crutch at the supposed burglar while yelling  “AAAHHH YAHHH”. It was my son and as he reached over to balance me, he was laughing so hard he had tears in his eyes. And I had to laugh too.

Realize that you are of value, that you have the right to have different opinions and likes and dislikes and that you do not have to follow the norms that so many do and look like the Stepford Wives because they all have the same hair, same makeup, same clothes and same laugh. Liberate yourself. Knock down those prison cell walls you have inadvertently put up.

Dwelling On The Negative

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As most of you know, I am a very positive person and I do not dwell on the past or things that have happened for I find it impedes my moving forward. I think sometimes we can get so caught up in what “almost” happened or what once happened and we lose sight of what IS happening now and the blessing we have received.

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I remember a friend back east that came in the house one day almost hysterical talking about how she almost got hit by the train. She was telling us all about how it almost happened and you could almost feel the adrenaline as she talked..  And then for months, we heard about how she almost got killed by a train and she totally lost sight of the fact that she did not get killed by the train and she lived.  She got so caught up in the emotional moment of reliving the drama and telling others that the blessing she received in living and not getting run over was totally missed by her. People tend to replay negative things over and over in their minds and it actually stimulates their adrenaline and gives them a rush. This causes them to miss the positive and the fact that they did not get hurt, etc.

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We all have traumatic events in our lives, lose loved ones, suffer health issues, have near fatal events, have health crisis and other difficult things.  I find that it is a learning thing once I feel better or am calmer to be able to focus on what I do have instead of what I lost or almost lost. I think sometimes we can “dwell on” theses things so much and repeat them so often that we become engulfed in the past and lose our present and future. The past does not have to be a predictor of what our present or future will be but if we dwell on it too long, I think we bring all the negative into our lives once again.

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I am a believer that when we keep the past in the present and try to drag it in the future, we are giving the traumatic moments power over our lives. We went through the trauma once and by reliving it over and over in the present, we are putting ourselves through the trauma again and losing the blessings we have in life. I am not sure if it is the attention that people get when they tell their horror tales or negative woes or what. And when people are in that reliving the past mode, you can not redirect their focus by trying to change the subject because they will not let go of it. You can change the subject and usually what you get from them is “uh huh, uh huh, uh huh” and the first chance they will bring the conversation back to topic of what almost happened to them or something bad in the past that did happen.

“Life is thickly sown with thorns and I know of no other remedy than to pass quickly through them. The longer we dwell on our misfortunes, the greater is their power to harm us.”


This reminds me of something I read on a friend’s page and that was ….when you are tempted to say something negative…stop yourself and say a blessing or something positive first. And I think this applies to re-playing the past in the present. When we are tempted to tell the story once more of how the train almost run over us, or whatever traumatic event that we keep trying to fan the flames and keep it in the future, we have to find a way to put on the brakes and not tell it. Stopping and telling a blessing that either came from or after the event before we try to retell the traumatic story, sometimes helps to redirect us away from the negative, traumatic event.  I am a firm believer that God gives us another chance for a reason and the reason is not to keep reliving whatever we went through but to move forward and carry the blessing with us.

Carrying the past around and replaying it over and over is like taking luggage and loading it with bricks. Each time we retell the traumatic event another brick goes in and the luggage becomes heavier and heavier until it can stop our growth and our joy totally. I get called a Pollyanna a  lot because I focus on the present and the future and on the positive things. I have learned through life that out of negative comes positive IF we allow it to.

Some people hold on to the hurts, pains, all that is wrong, what if’s and “almost had this happen” things as if they were holding on to gold. When we do that we waste precious moments we could spend on living and enjoying life and being with our loved ones. These are moments we can never EVER get back. Moments we spend on negative are moments that we could spend cuddling our child or talking to our spouse or being with our special friends. Moments that we have lost forever. I can not live that way. Life is too short and there is no dress rehearsal. This is the real thing. So what do you want to focus on in life?

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