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In today’s time, there is so much hate flowing around that it can be felt. I believe hate is a poison. It is like drinking poison expecting the other person to die.  With hate comes all sorts of problems. People lose the ability to be rational. They lose compassion and sometimes even love. Many become violent. And even worse, they become indifferent.

I wrote this poem in 1989 at the time, I felt like the world was becoming hateful and indifferent. Today it is a 100 times worse and sadly affecting our whole country. I try to avoid those filled with anger and even have my settings on my social media to not allow the hate filled posts. I think when we are around it too much, it rubs off on us and we can find ourselves becoming more like them instead of being the person our heart leads us to be.

One of the things that helps me so much in this world filled with hate is forgiveness. I hear people say “I will never forgive so and so for what they said or did!”  I do not forgive because what the person has said or done was ok. I forgive so that my heart is at peace and I can go on with my life and feel love, compassion and hope filled. Forgiving is very cathartic. When you find certain people in your life have become hate filled, try forgiveness and see if it helps. I forgive and give the person to God because I am a person of faith. I figure God can deal with them better than me.

I never want to be indifferent to the pain of others or to make fun of those who are struggling. I believe the only time we look down on someone is when we are reaching a hand out to help them back up.


The old man reached into the depths of his soul

Only to discover that it was black as coal

Hate and anger had taken up residence there

Turning a heart black that was once so fair

The old man cried out in hurt and pain

As he looked around for someone to blame

When no one appeared, he threw his shoulders back

Deciding it no longer mattered that his soul was black

Published 1989 © danLrene

Also published in
Sparrowgrass “Treasured Poems of America”


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Broken Wings And Shattered Glass

 Broken Wings and Shattered Glass

Broken wings and shattered glass
Broken dreams of a southern lass
yes means no and no means yes
Yellow apron over crinoline dress

Faces painted with smiles and hidden tears
Learned to perfection in long southern years
Sideways glances, reflections of truth
Coffee with friends at the drug store booth

Boys will be boys all the girls are told
Half lies giving witness to acts so bold
Rituals happen and patterns are set so deep
Southern women in rapture with lonely sleep

Right is wrong and wrong seems right
Gentle lasses appearing to lose their fight
Beautiful lasses so fragile they feel
Hold inside their hearts magnolia steel

Broken wings and shattered glass
Broken dreams of a southern lass
The night flew in on eagle’s wings
And a southern home is what it brings

Expectations and dreams of cherished love
Flies out the window on the wings of a dove
A southern woman is brought up to know her place
But she knows how to win with a smile on her face

Broken wings just mean you fly low to the ground
And broken glass becomes stained glass all around
The code of yes and no she has learned so well
And lace and crinoline help her weave her spell

Never under-estimate the soft southern drawl
she has learned it from the moment she could crawl
Always dressed so pretty and smells so sweet
Just remember a southern woman will not be beat.

©danLrene  2013

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We Are All Special But What Are We Special For?

Did you know that you are special?  Yes, you. You are special because there is no one else just like you. You were created special from the day you were born. The only way you can ruin that is to become just like everyone else and we do that by compromising the very core of our character and our lives…by agreeing with everything and standing up for nothing. You were born an original canvas, so do not turn yourself into a copy. It is a matter of choice. Be a masterpiece not a copy.

People ask me how I do it all the time and my reply is “I choose to”.  I can spend my life taking the easy way out because it is less work or I can choose to do the right thing and I can choose to keep fighting. I have had people tell me they were not as strong as me and the truth is that they are just as strong as me. They simply choose to not be for what ever reason. Usually the reason is that it is easier to be weak because then someone else does it for us but when we allow others to do what we are capable of, we have diminished ourselves.

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I am a firm believer in that God blessed us with many talents and survival is one of those talents. And survival takes work and somewhere along the way, the desire to work seems to have gone by the way side for many. They want the easy way out. I guess I just have too much grit in me to do that. Even in the shape I am in, I do something every day that is “work” even if it is sitting up on this bed and folding a pile of laundry to help my son.

We are all unique and special and as different as our fingerprints. And yet, if we are not careful, our lives can turn into something common place and a cheap copy of those around us. I would a hundred times rather have people around me that stood up for what is right, that were willing to be themselves in a world full of Botox imitations, that were willing to step out and live honestly and ethically even when everyone else was lying and stealing, and were willing to do more than just exist. We only get one shot in this world and I do not want to waste it.

We are all special but what we have to look inside and ask ourselves is “What are we special for?”  What do people see as our “special” traits?  Are we special because we stand out as someone honest, ethical and moral and our actions show that? Are we special because people see us as manipulators and liars? Are we special because we are always doing for others? Are we special because we are always taking from others? Are we special because people see us as fake sweet and always agreeing with everyone? Are we special because we just follow the crowd? Or, are we special because we use our own brains and stand up for what is right?  Are we special because we are true friends?  Are we special because we lie to our friends because we do not want to tell them the truth? Are we special because we have a kind heart? Just what have we made ourselves special for?

Yes, we were all created very special and with purity. It is what we do in this lifetime that will paint our portraits of what people see us as. The good news is that as long as we are alive…if those brush strokes are things we do not want to be special for, we still have time to repaint the portrait. The bad news is, we have no guarantees of tomorrow and so if we are going to make our portraits as special as we were created, then we better start today.

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Because He Lives

People often ask me how I have managed to survive all the pain, exhaustion and life in general. And I admit sometimes it is tough like the past six months but the reason is my faith in Jesus. I love this song….because He lives I can face tomorrow and that is how I hold on. I figure when my time is here, God will just take me but back in January when they told me I was going to die, evidently God was not ready for me to leave because I am still here and I praise God for that.

video by Cecilia Gospel

The world is in such turmoil that my faith is what gives me strength to go on. My faith is what gives me peace and joy and happiness and I am not ashamed to say that. Both of my sons also have that faith. So, when I see turmoil, I decided that the best gift I can give them is to pray for them instead of criticizing them. The best gift I can give anyone is to pray for them and to love them and show compassion to them. I so wish we would bring back love and care instead of the hatred and meanness going on.

Another thing I do for relaxation and stress is grounding. For us, grounding is going outside, sitting with our bare feet on the ground and feeling the grass and the dirt. We keep all electronics inside and sit there listening to the breeze blowing and the gentle sound of our chimes in the tree and watching the birds. Like a car batter that is sat on the ground, the energy drains out of it and for us, it drains all the stress and  tension out. And as I look over to our mountains, I realize how close we are to God high up here on this mountain. We sit there from thirty minutes to an our just allowing all the stress in the world to drain away from us.


Photo by danLrene

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The Damage Of Words

I read a quote the other day and it resonated with me. This is a time where people tend to focus on how they look, their hair, their makeup, their clothes, etc. Beauty has become important but this quote made me think about the words that we say and how they can affect our “beauty”.

“If the words you spoke, appeared on your skin, would you still be beautiful?”

Just take a minute to think about that and relate to the words said in anger, or condemnation or just to hurt. If people saw those words on you all the time, would it tarnish your beauty. And I am not just talking women. I am talking men too who focus on the latest hair styles, the designer clothes, etc.

Our words is one of those things where we can either uplift people or we can tear them down. We can help people or we can hurt them. We can encourage people or we can discourage them. I know all through my life my words have not always been good ones. I have really focused on that the past years because I believe we should never look down on someone unless we are offering a hand to help them up.

So, back to the question. If your hurtful, angry, hateful, condemning, etc words were written on your face and arms and hands where people saw them all the time, would you still be pretty? I say no because words are easy to say but if we have them going before us on our skin, they show the inner us which is where true beauty lies.

I think with all the hate and anger going on, people have forgotten that. I feel shame for our country when I read the comments people say on news articles, Facebook, blogs etc. When did the world become so hateful and it has been that way for a few years. If we could bring back love, compassion, caring, supporting…all those things good oh how the world would change.

I was so proud of the Santa Fe students, school people and the athletic students and staff from the shooting the other day. They chose to show concern, love, support and uplifting the students, families and community instead of going on a raging, angry march. It showed their true concern which was those that were affected. Unfortunately, all our words if we put them on social media, on the internet will forever be there. We can not wash them off.

It has made me very cautious and thoughtful about what I say anymore even when I am reacting. I have learned that if I am angry at something or someone, sometimes the best response is no response if I can not say anything positive. Maybe if we all start thinking about how we act and what we say we can help change what is going on.

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Life Storms

I look back and now see how much I have learned about life because of my faith. I see things I used to do some years back that I no longer do because I see that it is the wrong thing to do and all it does is create a storm in my life. We all have those AHA moments where something really hits us and we think why did we not learn this sooner?

Reacting to people and things is one area we can get into real problems. Sometimes our reactions are in anger or frustration at what is going on in the world or on Facebook. And at times we all tend to react to what is said rather than respond to. I personally try to avoid comment sections on news articles because some of the things irritate me so it is better to not look. And this kind of storm because of social media does not stop with a comment. People use social media to bash and bully and even try to make people lose their jobs.

Then there are personal relationships that can cause life to go into turmoil and words are exchanged. It is like a storm brewing and I think because of social media people have lost the ability to just sit down and talk face to face and so when they do, it becomes a battle ground. And the storm explodes. People also use social media to try to get people to take their side, which is never a good thing.

But the good news is that sometimes we must go through the storms to find the calm on the other side. Without storms there would be no rainbows. Storms sometimes are like the pressure cooker jiggler. They can make a lot of noise but they keep the thing from exploding.imagesimage from

I also find that the storms teach us things just like I have been taught the past few years. They teach us what is really worth fighting over, how to disagree without arguing and other things. They also bring a sense of relief once the storm is over and a peace comes.


image from

Life is all about learning and growing and changing and these storms are to teach us how to handle life. Because I have a deep faith in God, I have learned not to worry over everything. What a relief that has been. I have learned that not everyone will like us, not everyone will agree with us and that it is not always necessary to prove our point.

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Our Expectations Can Be A Problem


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Expectations are what we place on others or people and are this idea we have in our minds as to what we expect in return. When we are disappointed, then we can easily become hurt or upset. For example, someone fixes me a vegetarian hamburger and my expectation is that it will taste like a beef burger and when it does not, I am disappointed and do not want it anymore.

We can have expectations of those around us and when they do not perform to our expectations, we can become very disappointed, upset and disillusioned. And yet, what we do not realize is that it is our expectations are not theirs. We have to accept people where they are and not try to mold them into what we want. If we can not live with them how they are, then we need to move on. I have seen many relationships fail because one had such high expectations that the other got tired of always being wrong.

The same thing is true about life. If we expect life to be this fairy tale, storybook video, we are going to be disappointed. No one has the perfect life and there will be ups and downs. But if we have this high and unrealistic expectation that there will never be problems, we will be disappointed every time. I have learned to set goals for myself but when I see they are not going to happen, I have to readjust those goals or I will very disappointed. Standing and walking are two goals that I have had to readjust my expectations. I never give up trying but I realize some things will never be.

People get upset if their spouse or significant other is not romantic or real affectionate. They have this high expectation of the night coming in on the white horse. This is where people have to readjust those expectations to reality. They say if you want to love someone like they want to be loved, watch them and see how they love others. For we love others the way we want to be loved. Some people are very sentimental and give cards and flowers and do all those things and other people are not but show their love in other ways. So, learning to watch and see how someone loves others helps us to show them the kind of love they want and helps us to see that they are showing us love, just not our expectation of love.

Everything in life, we tend to have expectations on…food, jobs, people, homes, children, friends…and sometimes we have to re-evaluate our expectations and make sure that they are possible and even realistic. It is good to have expectations but when things do not go as planned, we have to ask ourselves are we disappointed because of the expectation we placed on this or that.

So, when you face disappointments, ask yourself was your expectation holding you down. You know..that vegetarian burger might actually taste pretty good if I quit expecting it to be a beef burger. Being chronically ill might not be as bad as expected if people change their their expectations and the person we date or love may not look like a movie star but may be the best thing in the world for me.

happy as you make up your mind to be

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The Tiny Word Called Hope

Hope is the one thing that keeps me going. Hope that today will be better than yesterday. Hope that this or that will work out. Hope is like a tiny fluttering you feel that is your heart beating and it grows when we give it the right fuel.

When tragedies hit, many tears will be shed and hearts will hurt but hope will spring just as the crocus and daffodil bulbs push through the soil and peek their tiny little heads.


“Hope” is the thing with feathers—
That perches in the soul—
And sings the tune without the words—
And never stops—at all—

And sweetest—in the Gale—is heard—
And sore must be the storm—
That could abash the little Bird
That kept so many warm—

I’ve heard it in the chillest land—
And on the strangest Sea—
Yet, never, in Extremity,
It asked a crumb—of Me.

Emily Dickinson

Hope is that tiny seed that will not let us quit..that makes us keep trying when everything seems so hard. And hope is what makes us get up in the mornings and say “Ok, I will try one more time”.

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Patience Is Learned


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We live in an instant world with Internet, cellphones, flat screen televisions, etc. And I  believe this makes us impatient for what our parents and ancestors before them worked so hard to achieve. Children think they should exactly what the parents have when it took the parents years and years to accomplish what they have.

Most things in life require lots of time and effort to be done right but few are willing anymore to take the time and put forth the effort to accomplish normal things in life. I am not sure where this attitude comes from but I see it all the time.

Just like the quote above, many things in life are like the butterfly that must fight it’s way out of a cocoon to live. To make it in life today we must be willing to fight for our very lives and possessions. I do not mean go out and beat people up but rather put in the time and effort to succeed.

I am very proud of my sons who have worked hard to be successful. Are they rich? No, just hardworking people who take care of what they have. There is so much that is expendable today that people do not take care of it.

I believe that we come into the world as children and are supposed to learn everything we can in order to make it in this world. I taught both my boys to cook, sew, clean, do laundry, etc because I wanted them to not think they had to have a wife in order to survive. Wanting a spouse is one thing but when you think you have to have one, the love gets lost.

Patience is a virtue. I have not always been the most patient person. My son used to call me “Impatience Marie”. If I planted flower seeds, I wanted flowers tomorrow. But, I have learned that when we work towards a project or item we want, the anticipation is the best part.  Dating should be a longer process so that you get to really know the one you are dating. Having children should be decided with much talk and planning for it is a big endeavor.

Everything seems to be rush, rush, RUSH. People do not have the patience to wait for anything but waiting, talking about it and looking forward to when we have it makes it all the much more special. Take time to smell the flowers, to talk with friends and family, to love one another and to enjoy life.

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Should People Always Do What Is Right?


Stand up for what is right, even if you stand alone. And I have stood alone many times but it was worth it. How many of you have seen someone jumping physically on someone else and done nothing or worse yet, walked off. If nothing else, call the police.

Standing alone is scary. This is why so many on social media opt for the marches, etc because they feel safer in numbers. I personally am not a fan of most marches because I do not see anything productive come from them. But, if we want change in our country, we must be accountable and hold others accountable without using violence, hatred, name calling, etc.

I think one of the things social media has done is so many become cult like and follow blindly without using their own brains to determine right or wrong. It is easy to get caught up in all that drama and hate going on. I think we also have to realize that our opinion is not the only opinion in the world and allow others to express their opinions. That is how discussions get started.

So be like the eagle that soars high but has his eye focused on what he is looking for from a distance. One thing the Internet is good for is searching out facts….real facts not just want we want to hear. Sadly, I have lost trust in the mainstream media as they are caught time and again promoting stories that they did not check out and turned out to be false. This is how I vote too. I do not vote by part. I vote by person and I research each candidate extensively so that I know how they really believe. I may vote democrat on one position and Republican on another.

I say be what we want to see others be in this world…..kind, compassionate, loving and honest and maybe others will follow suit.


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