The ABC Award (Awecome Blog Content Award)

I got a big surprise today from Kate Kresse gave me the ABC Award….Awesome Blog Content Award. As always, when a person thinks my blog is worthy of an award, it touches my heart. I hope you will check out her blog  Believe Anyway  located here:

Thank you so much Kate. 🙂

So, now for 26 things about me alphabetically. 🙂

Artistic, Brown eyed, Cheerful, Disabled, Energetic, Fatigued, Grateful, Hardheaded, Innocent, Jittery, Kind, Loveable, Mom, Natural, open, positive, quaint, rich (in life and love), spiritual, tall, Understanding, Victorious, Wacky, Xcellent, Young at Heart, zany.

I have to pass this award on to more people….so here goes.