A Universal Gift That We Can All Give

There are actually several gifts that we can give to others. The one I am talking about today is HOPE. As long as we have hope, we can go forward. And there is always hope….hope for a better day tomorrow, hope for less pain, for less sadness, etc. And if we can encourage others to hold on to hope, it helps us hold on to it ourselves.

Hope is something that I have held on to for a long time through all sorts of situations. There are miracles every day. That should give us hope. Change happens daily. That should give us hope. And the life after this life gives me great hope.

Other things we can give to others that cost nothing are love, kindness, respect, patience, and joy. We never really know what another is going through and people in general tend to put their own expectations on others not knowing what the other is going through.

Believe it or not, kindness helps people make it through some really tough times. So do love and listening and just being there for someone in a rough patch. I love to people watch. I do not get out quite as often as I used to so do not get to do it very often. But I love watching others interact with each other. And I would often see things that would make me smile.

So, when you can offer hope to someone struggling and compassion and kindness and love. It makes their day a lot easier and makes our hearts feel good. Try to spread hope, love, compassion and understanding where ever you go.

Just a little update on me. My Radio Frequency Ablation had a little twist and a lot of pain. They put the large hollow tube through a vein and had trouble stopping the bleeding but got it after a bit.  It took me a few days to rebound but I am getting there. Tomorrow I see the orthopedic surgeon for him to decide what to do about my hand that is so badly damaged. I am getting really good at using my left hand for most things.  The main thing is what are they going to do about the piece of broken off bone floating around on the outside of my wrist.

Each day is an adventure and often comes with a surprise. Even when it holds negative things, I have learned to look for the good even if it is just my wee little doggie. Take care and will be writing again soon.