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The Truth About #StandingRock

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Today I am writing about a topic that is very close to my heart. If I could be there in person instead of this hospital bed, I would be. Most people do not know the truth on Standing Rock and do not take the time to look it up and find the truth. They just take mainstream media and local media’s word for it and they are nothing but echo chambers for the parties they stand for.

My intentions were to just tell the story and show the video but after what the so-called Law Enforcement did the other night spraying water on the Indigenous Peoples when it was 23 degrees and throwing concussion grenades at the people and injuring one woman horribly. Her arm was blown open and they still do not know if they can save it. So I am going to post the videos and this may take several blogs to do it. Please, if you care about people and our country, take the time to look at them and see how the Governor of North Dakota and the Sheriff of Morton County and others are lying about what is happening.

They are saying the water protectors are rioters and violent protestors and yet the Native Americans have no weapons and are praying and singing. It is thanks to the Governor and to the Sheriff using military equipment to try to force this pipeline through. Now remember, that this Energy Transfer company said they had only had 2 oil spills in the past couple of years. NOT TRUE.  There have been about 260 oil spills in the past two years. Do you see why the Indigenous peoples are fighting to save the water which also will lead downstream to other states? Just think of Flint Michigan and the contamination of the water there.

So, let me start with this blog showing some videos and I will add more in the morning.

video by TYT Politics

I am proud people are standing up against this and wanting to save our earth and water.

Listen to the conversation between a Morton County official and a woman who called for help the night the Oil Company law enforcement was spraying them with water and they were getting hypothermia. Absolutely no help at all. She asked them who was she supposed to call to save people from the police. No Answer.

The Governor said that the Indigenous Peoples were attacking the officers. Sorry but the Natives have no weapons. It is the officers with huge mace containers, tear gas, billy clubs, water cannons, etc. The Governor also said the people were attacking officers but the videos done right there at the Standing Rock place during this time shows that is not true.

Here are some videos to show for now. Some will show with a picture and some show just as links.

Attacking with dogs. They did that in the sixties to the Blacks. Remember?



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The Silence of Good People

One of my favorite expressions is “When you are complacent, you are complicit”.  I believe in standing up for what is right. In today’s time, many people will just look away and not get involved when there is wrong doing going on; abuse, misuse, injustice, crime happen with good people turning their heads. And so, if we are someone watching these things happening and doing nothing, we are complicit. We become part of those who are responsible because we failed to stand up for what is right.

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This morning I was reading my feed online and came across this video. It is actually staged to see just what people will do and the result is amazing. So many just agree with the person being ugly to the young man with Down’s Syndrome but a few surprise you and stand up for what is right. Which one of these people would you be? Would you be afraid to stand up? And I find it ironic that it is women mostly who are standing up for what is right. Perhaps it is the mother instinct in us that makes them say “This is someone’s child. What if it were yours?” Perhaps it is just the difference in how men view the situation as compared to women. No matter the reason, not standing up is complacency and makes us complicit.

Complacency is the easy way out and so many do it today. Fear of retribution, fear of being judged, fear of making someone angry usually are the reasons that hold people back from speaking out. Look at our world today. Look at our country and see how many are upset over how things are going but will not become involved to change it. Many will not even bother voting to change it much less speak up for change. You can call it what ever…but complacency is taking the safe way out. And when we do that, the only person we are protecting is ourselves. I hear people say they wish they could stand up and do what others do and the truth is they could. But, they are afraid to take the consequences. And sometimes the consequences are people get mad when you stand up for what is right. They get mad,  not because you are wrong but because they must face the fact that they know you are right and it makes them uncomfortable because they are taking the safe way out.

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It is the Christmas season right now and people are all full of good cheer and do not want to hear anything that upsets their apple cart. Life is still going on and so are injustices, mistreatment, bullying, animal cruelty, hunger, neglect, etc. So, when is the right time to stand up for what is right? Do we allow suffering just because it is the holiday?

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Below is my “shame” list for those who are complacent. And when you are complacent, you lose the right to complain about it:

To those that see acts of bullying, abuse, neglect, misuse, injustice and do nothing about them: To those that see children being abused and say nothing: To those that see the sick, the infirm, the elderly being mistreated or neglected and do nothing: To those that see bullying and do not step up to stop it: To those that see animals being abused and do nothing to stop it: To those that see the homeless and hungry and do nothing to help them: To those that see others struggling and offer no help: To those that see others stealing and do nothing to stop it: To those who see others committing crimes and do nothing about it: To those that see the lonely and never take t time to give them comfort: To those who see their friends doing things that will harm them or are wrong and do not tell them the truth: To those that over indulge their children and do not teach them right from wrong for you have done them an injustice: To those that see our government stripping the citizens of their rights, their money, their respect and refuse to stand up to fight injustice……to all the above….shame on you. And when you refuse to stand up…when you remain complicit, you become part of the problem.

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Start today standing up for what is right, even if you stand alone. All it takes is one person to start the ripple effect and others follow. We just need the ripple to be for what is right, what is caring, what is humane.


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