Update on Wonder Dog

Jack is still with us this morning but the outlook is still very bleak. He is sleeping and does not appear to be in pain but his breathing is very shallow and his heart rate extremely low. My bed has been pushed right beside him so that I can keep my hands on him. As I look at him, I am reminded of why I love animals so much. They are authentic as my friend Sherry says and they are honest. There is no guile about them, no manipulation, no faking, no deceit or dishonesty, no lies.  I think that is why I believe so strongly in honesty in all things. I truly believe if you live a lie, if you carry a lie….it makes your whole life one of a lies and deceit and not one that I have any respect for.  Animals do not justify lying or stealing or manipulating like humans do. Jack is the epitome of what we as humans should be like as are other animals. So, for me Jack stands for honesty and truthfulness.  And of course, we could expect no less from Wonder Dog. *tired smile* …..And now, I will continual my vigil beside my best friend and hold his paw and talk to him. Sleep is elusive for me now.