Good Example Of Transparency

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I wrote about “transparency” and how important transparency is in life. This is about the transparency that people show that is negative but is in reality very good because it shows you the true person. I got this in a comment on my blog and it was rather attacking in nature. I did remove the IP number that is listed beside the comment tracks this person right to their town. Notice how the comment is with the backhand approach “I wish you well on your life’s journey, but …”.  That is a way of trying to appear to be nice but going in for the jugular with the rest of the post.

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I wish you well on your life’s journey, but I don’t understand how you can be happy about taking your son’s only life on this earth. What will happen to him? How will he find a job and survive? As a parent our responsibility is to raise them well and let them go, not to be tied to us forever.
I’m sorry that you are ill, but why do two people need to endure it?

Now why would I say this is good? It is good because this person has been so transparent that they show what kind of person they are. They show that they would never take care of their own parents and they show that they consider once they leave their parents it is all about “their only life”.  If I were to meet this person in person say in a gathering and they were as transparent as they were with this comment, I would know right away this was not a person I want in my life.

Because I believe in transparency, I am showing you all this comment and I am going to show you the answer I gave this person. It contains some information if he were a follower of my blog that he should know already.

I guess you have not read my blog. NUMBER ONE: My son was a 911 Dispatcher and night-time supervisor AND was the Deputy director of Emergency Mgmt for our county before taking care of me. So he has job skills. NUMBER TWO: I did not force nor ask him to be my caretaker…He CHOSE to do it and came to me with the decision and I do not KEEP him tied to me..that is his choice to be my caretaker. So perhaps you should keep up before making such statements. And last, I gather you would just let your parents fall where they are rather than take care of them which shows the conscience you have. Most people ADMIRE my son for what he is doing. He does have job skills and he chooses to do it. He is trained, fully cognitive and has skills he could go get a job anywhere which you WOULD have known had you read before making such a comment but then again, I have a few that just like to attack. AND my son does have a social life. He is not tied to my bedside all day. He gets out and has his own friends and does things with them. I am approving this because I want people to see the comment and see the answers that you could have already found and see that someone actually is attacking me for a decision made by my educated, trained, experienced in work son made to take care of me.

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Now, before anyone thinks I am upset believe me I am not. When people are that transparent, you know their intent is to hurt and when people try to deliberately hurt, I consider the source and it does not bother me. This is me being transparent and showing what the person posted and how I dealt with it. It should also answer any questions anyone else might have about me taking my son’s “only life”. I had a friend message me and say all she could think was “What are they saying? Are they trying to imply she killed her son?”  and I about died laughing.

This is a great example of transparency and when you recognize the back-handed slap technique…using phrases like ” I wish you well BUT”, “I do not mean to upset you BUT”..then you know their intent is to upset you and it has to do with the leveling thing. I talk about leveling a lot on this blog. Leveling is where people either level up or level down to where THEY are. This person is evidently pretty low in happiness and trying to level me down but I have learned to just smile at people doing that for I know that the problem lies in them not me. Do not ever let anyone “level you down” for that is all they are trying to do. Bring you down to their level of misery because remember “misery loves company”.