A Tiny Bundle That Needs Help

my logoThis is the rescue where my sweet Daisy came from. It is run by a friend of mine in NC and right now they have a rescued dog in need. Below is the information. Jill and her rescue do great work and work hard to rescue animals in shelters that are in danger of being killed. Jack was a very sick little boy with wounds on his body that had to be treated. Jill is actually fostering him until they can get his treatment completed.

Jack wounds

Jack is a sweet little dog who has had parvo and still recovering and they are trying to raise money for his treatments and other health issues. If you can help, even ten dollars, it would mean a lot to me and to my Daisy.


Below is Jill’s post about Jack and the fundraising and all the links t check out. Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you help, thank you for helping. Jill does not know I am doing my blog about Jack and the help they need. I was hoping she would wake up with a surprise on the fundraising page tomorrow. 🙂

UPDATE 9/25/15:   JACK is doing GREAT! He is feeling so much better with each new day! Today he felt like playing with toys and he has learned that if one of the other fur kids steals his toy, he has learned to steal it back. TOO CUTE!! He is still LOVING his food! He is still eating chicken and brown rice but we will give him a change to beef in a day or two. We wanted to make sure his tummy is getting back to normal before we introduce new foods. We will go on our adventure to the vet on Monday for our follow-up visit. We are looking forward to good news. 
Donations are the backbone of our work and our mission. We rely 100% on donations. We have depleted our account trying to meet our obligation to our sweet JACK. We are still in a deficit on JACK’S expenses and there are seven (7) other dogs in our rescue that have needs as well. We are committed to each and every dog in our care and we strive to provide them with the very best care that we can. We are unable to do any of this without YOU!! Please help us during this difficult financial crisis. We still need $2130.00 to pay JACK’S expenses. Because of our current financial crisis, we are unable to to rescue any additional animals in need until JACK’S medical expenses are paid in full. Please HELP us meet our goal and fulfill our mission to provide for the animals within our rescue. 
With lots of LOVE and THANKS to ALL!! 
Donations may be made securely online at:
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OR by USPS to
Three Sisters and a Brother Animal Rescue, Inc.
1532 Eden Glen Drive 
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ALL donations are tax deductible.
Jill Lindsey
Three Sisters and a Brother Animal Rescue, Inc.
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