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Good evening everyone. First let me say that the next few blogs will be about Standing Rock and the brutality going on there. I am passionate about supporting them and using my blog since my posts seem to be hidden on Facebook. My Facebook is Dani Deb Oliver and I hope people will go and look and see if they see the posts on Standing Rock as that is all I have been posting for a good while now with all the info. I used to get responses from people I did not know as I am posting it all public but now I see nothing even when I ask people to like to let me know they got the info. I have no claim to any of the links or videos made. I am just sharing them for public information.

This is what it looks like in Standing Rock. I thought at first this was a picture from Iraq.

I have spent all day getting all the links ready to share with you all. I am just appalled at what has gone on. And now I learn that a mercenary group has been pulled in to fight the Indigenous people. And our government does nothing.The Army Corps has just notified the leaders of the Indigenous people that they are closing the area off and it will no longer be public and moving them back inland. So, in other words they will not be near the water and the pipeline company can go ahead and drill. Here is the map. Click on the link to see it.

Dapl moves pipeline south to avoid white populations. The Indigenous Peoples are always being taken advantage of. The so called Law enforcement has called them the scum of the earth. Sound like a politician we know calling the other side deplorable?

It has been a long day so I am going to put some more video links on here so you can see the truth of what has been happening. Please stand by Standing Rock.

update on the drilling

Dakota Access Pipeline videos

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Who Do I Want For President?

Simply danLrene signiaWho do I want for president of our country? The better question would be who do I NOT want for President (or any political office for that matter). I have thought about this a lot. I do not connect myself to democrats, republicans, conservatives, liberals, right-wing, left-wing, etc. I am not a party person. So, that means that I must have some guideline to go by so that I make a good vote.

First off, let me say that the reason I am against party affiliations is that I vote for a person based on their qualifications not on their party. Not all Democrats, Republicans, Conservatives, Evangelicals, liberal, etc are ALL honest and ethical. And just look at the past years to see how true that is. I see so many people who vote straight down the line by one party or the other and do not even check to see if this person is ethical or honest let alone capable of running the office. I am not a person who has cult mentality. I like to use my brain to make such an important decision and I want more than JUST one reason to vote for the person.

So, here goes the list of who I do NOT want for President.

I do not want someone JUST because they belong to a certain party.

I do not want someone JUST because they are of a certain race.

I do not want someone JUST because they come from a dynasty.

I do not want someone JUST because they are a woman.

I do not want someone JUST because they are OR are not from a certain religion.

I do not want someone JUST because they have a lot of money.

I do not want someone JUST because they can shout and argue.

I do not want someone JUST because they are a career politician.

I do not want someone JUST because they promise to change the country.

I do not want someone JUST because they are against keeping the military built up for we need the military.

I do not want someone JUST because they are younger OR older.

I do not want someone JUST because thy are a fresh face in politics.

I do not want someone JUST because they attack the opposition.

Now that I have covered every candidate out there, let me tell you what I DO want for President…or any political office. If a candidate has the following qualities and yet still has one of the things I listed above then I will vote for them. I want more than just one reason to vote for a person. I want someone who is honest, ethical, transparent, consistent, has a proven record showing they can lead, is respectful to all whether they are for or against them, that fights FOR the American people..all of us even the poor and middle class, that knows how to deal with leaders of other countries in this world, and that lives up to their promises they make to get into office.

I take each candidate and study them, listen to them, check to see their record, and really pay attention to what they are saying and doing so I can see how many times their words change. Right now they ALL have to show me more to get my vote. So, who do I want for President? Right now I have no answer because I want my vote to mean something so I do the work to really know about the candidate before I cast a vote.

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Election Time Is Coming

Dare to Dream of the America we used to be!

Isn’t it time we started thinking of ourselves as Americans instead of Democrats or Republicans? This is our home…our country. Bring pride back to America. Use your voice and Vote American. Don’t just vote for a person because they are a member of one party or the other, vote because they are the best for AMERICA. We are a country to be proud of when we pull together and this is a time we should pull together for what is best for our country…..for America.

video by

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Harmony and Unity

I love this video because it shows something our country needs desperately and that is unity. We came together after 911 and showed the world what this country was made of. But since then, we have become polarized and so much fighting and arguing. Watch this video of this man doing three large kites at once…in is amazing.

video by

I love this video because it speaks of harmony…of working in unison..of “pulling” together and that is something this country knows how to do. We have done it before. Facts are, half the people will be upset at whomever wins the election because they have supported the other side. That is normal. But, what should happen is, no matter who wins, the anger and hatred should be dropped and we all work together to support the country as a whole. But, fact is…we have not done that. There is so much polarization and taking of sides, so much hatred and anger that there is no longer harmony in our country. That makes me sad. When people are pulling against each other, we can not move forward.

When 9/11 happened, people came together to work for the good of the country. Politics were put aside, arguing was no longer important. What was important was our country and healing. Every time I see this hat of my friend Sherry, it reminds me of that unity and of the attack on our country. I am not a Democrat or a Republican….I am an American.

Picture with permission from

She served as one of the first responders at the Pentagon during 9/11. Many others served as first responders jeopardizing their own lives to help in a time of crisis. Others went to work to find ways to help those that were affected first hand, others tried to help organize and the list went on. It was a time of unity and working to bring harmony and peace back to our country. And now that the fear has diminished so has the working for the good of the country.

The ball is in our court. It is time Americans stood up and told ALL politicians what we think. Its time that we quit being divided, quit hating, quit bringing the emotion into it for when emotion enters, reason leaves. Please get out and vote. I plan on voting. I believe if one is complacent and does not vote, then they are complicit with the outcome and have no reason to complain.  I believe in this country and I believe in our resiliency and our ability to make our country whole again.  I also believe that voting down the list just because someone is of a particular party is not using my brain and we all have thinking brains. No one is perfect and everyone is not the perfect candidate just because they carry the title of a political party. Listen, research and do not believe ALL any of them tell you…they are after all politicians. It is their job to convince us they are the perfect candidates and they are very good at that. And it is our job to pay attention, to research their past behavior and to make good decisions. And most of all VOTE and vote for what will unify our country and work to make it our country again. We pulled ourselves together in worse times than this and we can do it again.

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