Be The Good

Sometimes when I read the news, I get this overwhelming feeling that the world has just gone totally crazy and there is no good left anywhere. And if I allow myself to stay on that train of thought, I could become very depressed about what I see in the world. What I have learned is that we should try to change the things we can….that is all we can do. And what we can not change, we have to just let it go. This is one reason I hate to read or watch the news for I have no ability to change the ugliness going on in the world. Or do I?

Then I ran across this quote and I thought to myself…what an awesome idea. In order to effectively make any change in the world…we must believe there is something out there that is still good but we must also live our lives where we are part of that good.. Sometimes that is ALL we can do to change the world and do our part…and that part is to live our lives where we are part of what is good in the world. We have to “Be the good” we want in the world.

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Sometimes all that I can effectively do is change my corner of the world. All the hate and anger in the world distresses me and I can not change the people who feel this way but I can make sure that I do not contribute to it. And I can do something to try to counteract it. I can do like Gandhi says and:

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I hear people say “I am waiting on the world to change” and yet they give no thought about what part they play in that change. We are not all meant to me leaders or heroes. But, I believe we are all intended to be examples and making sure that the example we show is one of positive thoughts is important.

We are not on islands. Every thing we do in life is part of the ripple effect and we have to figure out if we are putting out good ripples or bad ones. Are we teaching those who see us as role models something good or are we showing them that we are just as self-absorbed and selfish as so many we see today?

We can not sit and wait on others to change. All we can do is live our lives as best we can, being part of the good and reflecting the change that we want to see in the world. If everyone does that, after a while, the ripple effect will be so strong that change will occur.   And then we can tell ourselves that we were part of the good in the world…not the bad and by “being the good”, we did help bring about change.